Westworld Evan Rachel in season 4- All you need to know!

Evan Rachel in Westworld season 4- All you need to know!

What showrunners reveal about Dolores?

.Westworld needs to be followed very carefully and the same applies to its future shows as well. Casey Bloys, chief of HBO programming have revealed that already deals were made for ‘fourth season’ and are about to air soon.

Sources have however revealed that this will be last season of Westworld and after that world’s most dangerous theme park would no longer be open!

Secrets revealed!

You might have seen that in Westworld Season 3 finale, Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) was caught over by Nefarious Serac (Vincent Cassel). With a wish to get the key to sublime, he tried to unlock the quantum computer Rehoboam.

Dolores (Evan Rachel) gave access to Caleb (Aaron Paul) who finally shut it. Humanity thus was freed from a vicious business of rioting and looting.

Dolores (Evan Rachel) has made the final sacrifice for all of this.

With her memories being wiped off, she called off like any advanced Android device. In season 3, we witnessed several versions of Dolores with faces like Musashi, Charlotte Hale, and Lawrance. So will she be back?

The final call!

Dolores won’t be a part of Westworld Season 4. Showrunner Jonathan Nolan has recently quoted that, “That character with that version is gone.” Also said, “Evan Rachel Wood is lovely and we haven’t stated anything publicly. The show will look very different ahead and things might go forward differently.”

But is Evan Rachel Wood really off the show?

As far as Rancher’s daughter is concerned, she’s gone. But will Evan Rachel be a part of next season in a unique character? Yes. Wood was seen in season 4 with a leaked teaser. Being asked to Evan Rachel about this, it was stated that it’s proven. She said it’s hard to quit such characters but still there is some ambiguity about it.

We just need to wait and watch for the suspense to unfold whether Dolores is back or no!


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