Rebecca Adlington Is Spending The Lockdown With Ex-Husband and Boyfriend?

Well, Rebecca Adlington, the former British competitive swimmer is all over the news currently. She specializes in the freestyle swimming that happens to be the career that she is progressing successfully at. It is believable that the British swimmer is spending the quarantine days with her ex-husband and boyfriend Harry Needs.

Rebecca Is Spending Happy Time With Family!!

As per the reports, Harry Needs did join Adlington and their beautiful daughter Summer. But the interesting thing is that Harry is joining the family while Adlington’s current boyfriend is on board. The group is currently residing in Manchester amid the COVID-19 lockdown. They all are fighting the deadly virus while isolating themselves with their nearest and dearest ones. The main reason that they are all saying together is Rebecca’s daughter, Summer.

It happens most times that the swimmer can not give more time to her daughter. So they are all staying together during this lockdown to spend quality moments with Summer. Even though Harry and Rebecca are not a couple now, they are managing perfectly to become great friends. It has been around four years since the couple did break their marriage mutually.

Rebecca is currently enjoying the quarantine days happily as she is spending the time with her daughter. She mentions that all the members in the house currently are pretty close to one another making it possible. They all happen to have several common things and interests which makes them match up well.

It is surely fortunate for the family to spend their time together as half the population of the world is not living with their family. Adlington’s boyfriend is currently working as a property manager and they are together since 2018. She mentions that her daughter Summer and Andrew are sharing quite a strong bond and it is happy to watch them. The swimmer is surely coping up with the busy schedule as she did join Dame Kelly Holmes and Tom Moore for the “Keep Fit” video campaign.

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