Welcome to Eden Season 3 Release Date: Will there be Another Season?

Welcome to Eden, also known as “Bienvenidos an Edén,” is a Mexican crime drama created by Joaqun Górriz and Guillermo López. The story follows a bunch of aimless teenagers as they attend a party on a beautiful island and are welcomed by mystery hosts. A lucky handful seem to have missed the boat and are welcomed by the locals. However, they soon realize that they have unwittingly joined a murderous cult that refuses to release its members.

Premiering on May 6, 2022, the first season of ‘Welcome to Eden’ was met with widespread critical acclaim and high marks for the quality of its storytelling and its use of suspense. Similar reactions have been seen following the premiere of the second season. Those concerned about whether or not ‘Welcome to Eden’ would return for a third season need not worry anymore.

Welcome to Eden Season 3 Release Date

There won’t be a third season of the suspense show, sadly. The devastating news was reported by Fotogramas.es on July 7. It is speculated that the cancellation is due to the poor performance of the second season on Netflix.

As of today (April 21), Netflix has not revealed what will happen to the thriller series. That’s right; there won’t be a third season of Welcome to Eden. The second season has recently been released, so there’s no need to worry right now.

Netflix usually waits until the end of a season has aired before deciding whether or not to cancel a show. Instead, the streaming giant will probably wait to announce its decision to renew or cancel until it sees how many people view the second season in the first month on the site. Netflix will likely make its decision after tallying up the viewing hours from the first month.

However, depending on how well the second season performs in its first few weeks, the series could be renewed for a third season quite early. After premiering on May 6, 2022, the first season of Welcome to Eden was renewed for a second run on May 25, 2022, just 19 days later. Netflix ordered a second season after the first one maintained a high ranking on the global Top 10 list for non-English TV in the service’s first three weeks.

Welcome to Eden Story

While the show’s revelation of the island’s true nature and its reinterpretation of season 1’s agreement are welcome developments, the return of the familiar baggage and the expansion of season 1’s problems are not.

This time around, Zoa, Bel, and a select few other characters take center stage, with Africa taking a backseat. One by one, they begin to piece together the truth about Eden and hatch a plan to eliminate Astrid and get the hell out of there.

However, when Ulises is found dead, the kids are thrust into a murder investigation. Ibon maintains his poker face throughout this, but when Astrid sends in the heavy guns—Danae, Joel, and a whole host of other military personnel—the ante must be raised.

Welcome to Eden Cast

  • Amaia Aberasturi as Zoa Rey Gómez-Fajardo
  • Tomy Aguilera as Juan Carlos “Charly” Escudero
  • Diego Garisa as Ibón Arregui
  • Berta Castañé as Gabi Rey Gómez-Fajardo
  • Albert Baró as Aldo Roig Muro
  • Lola Rodríguez as Mayka
  • Guillermo Pfening as Erick
  • Blanca Romero as Roberta Gómez-Fajardo
  • Begoña Vargas as Bel
  • Sergio Momo as Nicolás “Nico”
  • Ana Mena as Judith
  • Berta Vázquez as Claudia
  • Irene Dev as Alma
  • Alex Pastrana as Ulises Gracia Delgado
  • Joan Pedrola as Orson Schnede
  • Claudia Trujillo as Brenda
  • Carlos Soroa as Eloy
  • Jonathan Alonso as Saúl
  • Dariam Coco as Eva
  • Amaia Salamanca as Astrid Bartos Sepúlveda
  • Belinda as África Guadalupe López
  • Mario de la Rosa as Manuel Rey
  • Ana Wagener as Brisa Galván
  • Nona Sobo as Som Susik
  • Lucía Guerrero as Danae
  • Max Sampietro as Isaac
  • Anna Alarcón as Nuria
  • Carlos Torres as Joel

Welcome to Eden Season 2 Recap

These five individuals make every effort to leave the island, and they are on the verge of success when they are discovered. This happens repeatedly until Zoa discovers an exit strategy, but her sister Gabi (or more accurately, Astrid) thwarts her by bringing Gabi to the island. Although Astrid isn’t indestructible, Zoa isn’t invincible either. She is losing her husband’s confidence and the support of her sect. Astrid takes a hit from the past at the conclusion of Welcome to Eden Season 2.

Som, the daughter of Astrid’s father’s killer, has been brought to Eden Island. Danae has followed Som here; while Astrid does not know it, Danae is responsible for the death of her father. While Astrid may have been behind Som’s appearance at first, it becomes clear that both Som and Danae are out for their own ends as the science fiction thriller draws to a close. As soon as Danae is able to access the cult’s computers, it becomes abundantly evident that Astrid’s demise has begun.

Welcome to Eden Rating

Fans’ reactions to the show have been divided, as evidenced by the varying ratings it has gotten across sites like IMDB (5.5/10), Rotten Tomatoes (generous 80%), and Gadgets 360 (3.8/5).

Where to watch Welcome to Eden?

We therefore recommended that, while waiting for future developments, the readers binge-watch the initial two seasons, which are currently available only on Netflix.

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