Deadpool and All Might from My Hero Academia still together, the duo challenge Thanos

The Marvel Universe broke into the Japanese world with Deadpool: Samurai, manga created in collaboration with Shonen Jump that brings Wade Wilson to live an unprecedented adventure. But when it comes to heroes in the Land of the Rising Sun, we cannot fail to mention All Might, the Number One Hero of My Hero Academia.

Engaged in a crazy fight with Thanos, Deadpool requests the intervention of Captain Marvel. The Mercenary Chatty, however, calls the wrong person, to break into the battlefield is All Might, who with a resounding Smash momentarily neutralizes the opponent. But Thanos, as we all know, is not an easy prey and immediately gets up.

To stop him permanently, My Hero Academia’s Symbol of Peace devises a strategy: Thanos must be hit by him and Deadpool simultaneously. Excited to partner with Japan’s Number One Hero, Wade Wilson, who he claims to be the Number One Hero statunitense, willingly accepts.

When he is about to deliver the blow, however, he stumbles miserably, leaving All Might alone. Although Thanos says he is ineluctable, with one United States of Smash the Symbol of Peace finally manages to knock him out Before leaving the scene, he also finds time to give Deadpool an autograph, a reference to what he did with Midoriya during the first chapters of My Hero Academia.

What do you think of this irreverent crossover, will it ever arrive in Italy? We see All Might rush to Deadpool’s rescue in this crossover with My Hero Academia. All Might vs Thanos, here is the official verdict on the strongest.


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