Destiny 2 Guide for Upgrades and Activities in 2019

Destiny 2 Guide for Upgrades and Activities in 2019

Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes is come up with the new upgrades and activities in 2019. Here we give you start to end information about the Solstice of Heroes event. So, The second season of the Event is about the Event is going with the whole new grind of the Activities and Armor.


Last Year What happens with the players, they have got the Weak Armor set. And then while event they have to accept it as a challenge. They are challenging with upgrading the Armor and then use. Sets have revealed that Majestic Solstice of Heroes will peak on September 17. And then to make your set ready you have to upgrade at least one Majestic Class.

Activities of Solstice of Heroes

We will see several Activities of the Solstice of Heroes.

European Aerial Zone

In Destiny 2019, The European Aerial Zone is a new activity feature. You have to create a new place for them in the, then you can access it in the Tower Also.

Approach to tackle the European Aerial Zone is simple. You need to kill as many as Minibosses in the, There is some certain timing, In that timing, you have to kill. Remember one thing the time is limited. The more bosses you killed it is beneficial for you to take more points.

After the time is off, Final Boss comes into the screen. And then Face-off time starts with the Final Boss. Final Boss is killed in the area of the European Aerial Zone and you have to perform treasure in the hunt of the place. Minibosses killed count gives you a more chest.

There is one another Twist to unlock the earned chest. You will need Solstice Key Fragments. And again twist you have to earn the Key you have to complete all activities during events.

Elemental Orbs

Like Earth Orbital, In Elemental Orbs, you need to increase the power of Arc, Solar, and Void orbs. Elemental Energy will help you to killed Enemies. Energy is dropping from the Elemental Orb. Collect at least 30 Elemental orbs and then you need to match it with the Daily Burn. To Generate these forces you need for equipment. So let’s See Which are these.

  • To Generate Solar orbs, Equip your Solar subclass and weapons
  • To Generate Arc orbs, Equip your Arc subclass and weapons
  • To Generate Void orbs, Equip your Void subclass and weapons

Now, To Upgradation for Armor, Renewed Armor, and For Masterwork Majestic Armor You have to Complete the Objects such as Hunter, Titan, and Warlock.

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