We delve into the work of the creator of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to break down his keys (Paper Labyrinth 2×01)

The capital work of JRR Tolkien is listed very quickly: the adventure for all audiences ‘The Hobbit’, its continuation, the legendary ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and ‘The Silmarillion’, summary of the mythology of Middle-earth and published posthumously. Thanks to just those three works, JRR Tolkien has gone down in the history of fantasy literature.

And due to this consideration as a classic, the author’s bibliographic news continues to arrive despite the fact that he died in 1973: essays inspired by his creations, approaches to his mythology from the most disparate angles … This is the case with two new Minotaur releases: ‘The Worlds of JRR Tolkien’, by the historical expert on the author John Garth, which reviews the authentic places that inspired the places that he later invented for Middle-earth; and ‘Tolkien’s World Recipes’, which takes a gastronomic tour inspired by his work, with more than 75 recipes.

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And these releases seem to us the perfect excuse to launch the second season of Laberinto de Papel, the literary podcast that Xataka does in collaboration with Minotauro and in which we review the lives and works of the great authors of science fiction, horror and fantasy. As every year your secure server John Tones presents it, and we will bring experts in literature and the occasional genre author to chat.

This year we bring news, and we have not only changed the aesthetics of our set. Besides that, we bring new approaches and guests that will surprise you. The first of these guests is an old acquaintance of the program, Eleazar Herrera, author of works such as the Wes Marino saga or ‘The warriors of Tale’, and that gives us a very particular approach to Tolkien’s huge world.

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