Walking Dead Season 10: Some Secret before Finale

Walking dead season 10 released their trailer through AMC Media. Officials are said that the premiere date is delayed of the final season of Walking Dead. After releasing the Walking Dead Season 10, this final season will bring back with many questions. There is some secret that reveals in Season 10, and the huge surprise that gives by the Season 10 trailer is the return of Maggie. In the previous season, Lauren Cohen is played the role of Maggie.

Walking Dead Season 10
Walking Dead Season 10

COVID-19 outbreak is now spread rapidly, because of this, Walking Dead Season 10 finale delayed.  Many giant productions are backed by their dates. So AMC is also trapped in it, and they forced to rearrange new dates of the upcoming release. From now, AMC rearranges the release date of Walking Dead Season 10 Finale. Currently, they released trailers so, the audience is caught up that what will happen in the final episode. By the end of this year, they are planning to release the remaining episode.

Recently, the current episode of the Season 10 Walking Dead, ‘The Tower’ was released. Here is the list of the Survivors of Walking Dead, the list follows, Hilltop, Kingdom, Oceanside, and Alexandria. All of these members are manage to kill the leader of the enemy’s side. Whisperer’s side plays the antagonist role in the entire walking dead season. These survivors had killed Whisperer’s leader. Alpha and beta are leading their sides; they fought with Whisperer’s side.

The fight is over now; Survivors are back to the hunt. Currently, they are in the hospital for the shelter. Doctors are approaching survivors to treat them. Right now, they fought the toughest battle, but the trailer shows that the biggest fight will capture in Season 10 Finale.

Let’s take a ride of Walking Dead Season 9. Maggie was there in the previous season but, Georgie was not in the show, the reason behind it, is a mysterious settlement with the makers. In the absence of the Georgie, Hilltop is communicating with Maggie via letters. But this communication was broken when Whisperers was started, at that time Hilltop’s leader Jessica and Tara is drought up in a fight. Finally, Maggie arrive at the place and she distresses all mess that created by the Whisperers war.

Return of Maggie in season Finale gives some positive energy to his mates. Now, the survivor will take on with more power on the Enemy.  Daryl, Carol, Kelly, and Judith have joined them. Watch the trailer to get a more clear idea.

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