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Maktab Amal is an Islamic-based educational institution that provides several learning and educational opportunities to its students. The institute focuses on providing knowledge and skills in Islamic studies and hadith, as well as other subjects like the English language, mathematics, and science.

This guide will introduce you to the institute and provide you with a breakdown of the fee structure, the academic programs, and much more.

Overview of Maktab Amal

Maktab Amal is a unique socio-economic empowerment initiative founded in 1976 in Kedah, Malaysia. It serves as a platform for low and middle-income Malays to access educational and financial resources and to help them achieve their economic aspirations.

The initiatives are provided through various education-related sponsorships and loans, both conventional and Islamic banking products, personal finances management courses, saving accounts for business enterprise start-ups, social entrepreneurship support, and microfinance programs.

The main objective of Maktab Amal is to provide accessible education opportunities for every Malaysian from early childhood learning and primary school services up to tertiary-level scholarship awards.

It has helped thousands of Malaysians pursue higher education by offering a variety of scholarships from foundation courses up to diploma programs in universities throughout the country.

Through its commitment to providing quality educational opportunities at all levels of society’s needs, Maktab Amal has created an opportunity for Malaysia’s economically disadvantaged individuals and families to start building their own successful businesses or upgrade their existing businesses through practical training or financing options available.

To further encourage socioeconomic development within both urban and rural areas of the nation, Maktab Amal also supports various projects aimed at reducing poverty thus enabling social mobility amongst underserved communities with impactful investments of capital whilst creating employment opportunities through large-scale entrepreneurship investments, incubator programs as well as microcredit facilities aimed at small business owners.

This would enable more individual entrepreneurs to realize their full potential by aligning their skillset with current industry demands assisting them consequently in achieving sustainable income goals given the necessary proactive measures taken at every stage along the pathway towards establishing ownership into new possibilities.

What is Maktab Amal?

Maktab Amal is a pioneering charitable venture, that provides equal access to education for educationally underprivileged children in Myanmar. Through an innovative blend of digital tools and localized implementation, Maktab Amal endeavors to raise the standard of education in Myanmar.

Maktab Amal which means ‘deeds table’ was launched as an initiative for children who have been unable to access quality primary schooling. The program is designed to advance elementary language and math skills, impart life skills and broaden their knowledge of the world around them.

A dedicated institution with commitment and expertise developed the curriculum-syllabi relevant to the present imbibing contents from around the world.

At Maktab Amal we believe that everyone has a right to a quality education regardless of pre-existing financial or logistical constraints. To support this belief, they are working on building virtual classes that accommodate children across genders, regions, and other demographics.

Moreover, they also provide support resources such as home visits by members of their teams as well as supplementary physical classes so that students can learn at their own pace without any pressure or time restraints.

Focusing on options like digital learning spaces and a national approach towards educational inclusion makes make Maktab Amal one of a kind venture providing instructive solutions for underprivileged communities.

Aspiring an educating society through infrastructure development, collaborative parent engagement, and improved content knowledge base, Maktab Amal will continue expanding its impact across all parts of Myanmar slowly but surely surpassing boundaries set by financial resources or social capabilities associated with educational attainment.

Fees Procedure

Maktab Amal is a non-profit online learning platform that provides students with quality educational opportunities. This guide covers the fee procedure for Maktab Amal. Understanding the fee procedure, along with other procedures and policies associated with the platform, can help students make informed decisions about their educational future.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the fee procedure for Maktab Amal, including information on tuition fees, additional fees, and payment methods.

How to pay the fees?

Maktab Amal allows you to pay the fees in different ways, including cash, cheque, and online payments.

Cash: You can pay the fees directly at Maktab Amal’s main office.

Cheque: You can drop your cheque in Maktab Amal’s drop box located outside their main office. Please make sure to include all necessary information on the back of the cheque, such as Name and Contact Details. Once cleared, your payment will be authenticated and processed.

Online Payments: For online payments, please have all required details ready before initiating the transaction. Maktab Amal accepts several modes of payment for online transactions. These include major debit/credit cards as well as international bank transfers or wire transfers, if applicable for your region/country. Please note that any processing fee related to these transactions shall be borne by you as part of tuition fees paid per academic year or semester.

For more information regarding fee payment procedures and terms & conditions, please contact our billing department at +032-80424533 or email us at [email protected]

What are the payment methods?

At Maktab Amal, we offer a variety of convenient ways to pay for study programs and services, such as Credit and Debit Cards, Enable Pay Online, DuitNow, and Direct Bank Transfers.

Payment via credit/debit card is the most popular option. You can use Visa or MasterCard when making your payment. If a 3D Secure code is required, you will be directed to your card issuing bank’s website to complete the verification process. This helps ensure that only authorized people can access the account.

Enable Pay Online allows customers to use their local debit/credit cards as well as other lucrative payment options like Alipay, WeChat pay, and Unionpay. Payment is processed securely through your own bank account with no transaction fees or additional surcharge applied by Maktab Amal.

For domestic students wanting to make a payment to us via internet banking, we suggest using Duitnow which provides an easy transfer journey at any time of the day with just a few steps via ATM machines or internet banking on your local domestic bank platform.

This helps reduce global payment issues as well as allows payments in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) – without having currency exchange fees.

Lastly, customers are able to make direct Bank transfers using our international affiliates’ local accounts in their respective countries swiftly between banking hours (normal operation hours).

What are the fees for different courses?

Maktab Amal offers a range of courses from beginner- to advanced-level syllabi related to business, computing, creative arts, and more. The fees for each course vary depending on the duration and type of course.

Beginner and basic level courses: Those starting out with new lessons or skills can expect to pay a nominal fee ranging from RM100 – RM500 depending on the subject.

Intermediate courses: Those wanting to enhance their knowledge further can expect to pay more for intermediate courses; these fees range from RM500 – RM2,000 for the duration of the class or module.

Advanced-level courses: For those studying a more specialized field and striving towards expertise, specialized advanced-level courses may be costlier due to higher quality teaching methods and materials employed. Advanced-level course fees can range between RM2,000 – RM5,000 or higher depending on the subject matter.

Additional fees may also need to be paid in special cases such as when joining a Master’s program or taking specialization topics outside regular curriculums which will require additional administrative costs that may hold budget implications.

Fees are usually paid directly via bank transfer or credit card upon registration with documentation provided for reimbursement purposes where applicable.


Maktab Amal is a Minimal Tuition-based non-profit in Malaysia, founded with the goal of providing equal educational opportunities for all. One of the services Maktab Amal provides is its complete guide to fees procedure.

In this guide, we will explore the various fees Maktab Amal offers, along with the procedure to sign up and register. We’ll also discuss the various payment methods available, and what to expect from the overall process of applying to Maktab Amal. Let’s get started!

What are the benefits of Maktab Amal?

Maktab Amal is a smart, innovative educational model that provides financial assistance for bright and ambitious students. Through this program, talented young people from all backgrounds can access quality education without the burden of expensive tuition fees.

The benefits of Maktab Amal are numerous and wide-reaching. It’s a way for individuals to take charge of their own educational and professional development, enabling them to build the skills necessary for success in many different fields.

By providing financial aid, Maktab Amal also encourages innovation and creativity in some of the world’s most disadvantaged students by helping them bridge economic gaps, and increasing opportunities across both academia and industry. This has led to a rise in student achievement and successful outcomes at the school or college level.

Additionally, universities have become more accessible through sponsored student places, meaning that institutions like Cambridge are now able to award tuition fees by taking part in Maktab Amal’s program alongside corporate sponsorships.

At an individual level, graduates who have taken advantage of this opportunity have gained access to premium programs such as Harvard Business School’s MBA 9 months fast-track program or the Sloan Fellowship, as well as being eligible for prestigious fellowships such as the Rhodes Scholarship Program or the Marshall Scholarship Program – both designed especially for postgraduate leadership studies in the UK.

Not only does this bring a welcome change to long-standing systems but it also promotes social justice by enabling deserving individuals with financial needs to further their studies and career possibilities regardless of their background or circumstances

What are the courses offered by Maktab Amal?

Maktab Amal offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of its students. Courses are broken down into two categories – Basic and Advanced.

Basic Courses:
Basic courses provide fundamental knowledge in economic theory and skills. They include courses such as Financial Literacy, Investment Planning, Entrepreneurship & Business Management, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, and Statistics & Data Analysis.

Advanced Courses:
Advanced courses offer more intensive study and research on specific topics from a variety of disciplines including Accounting & Financial Management, eCommerce Business Strategies, Issues in Islamic Economics & Finance, Risk Management & Insurance Strategies, Money Market Trading, and Marketing Strategies for Investors.

These courses are designed to provide the tools and resources necessary for students to master the necessary skills needed to be successful in their future businesses or other ventures. Maktab Amal also offers e-learning courses for those who prefer to access lessons online or through their own devices.

All courses can be completed online with flexible enrollment options that allow students to be enrolled part-time or full-time with flexible schedules available as well.

What are the requirements for admission?

Maktab Amal is always looking for motivated pupils who are eager to learn and develop their skills. In order to apply, applicants must meet the following requirements:

• Must demonstrate a satisfactory level of academic achievement
• Must be 18 years or older
• Must pass an English-speaking assessment test
• Must demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to surpass expectations upon graduating from the institution.

Applicants will also be assessed on any relevant prior education, experience or training in their desired field of study. The institution’s admissions process is designed to ensure that all students admitted have the best prospects for succeeding in their chosen area of study.

All accepted applicants must adhere to Maktab Amal’s guidelines and rules throughout the duration of their studies.

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