SUV Smashes 6 Doubted Unlawful Immigrants in Texas

During a police chase in Texas, six doubted unlawful immigrants were confirmed killed on Wednesday night.

Their SUV crashed during the chase, leading to the death of the six while some other five sustain varying degrees of injury, according to reports.

Reports claim that the SUV had over a dozen Mexican and Central American migrants on board before that were reportedly smuggled after crossing the border illegally from Mexico.

A couple of the immigrants sustained injuries in the process. The driver fled when he was stopped by the police very close to Corpus Christi, leading to the chase that eventually claimed the lives of some of the passengers.

Police eventually called the chase off when they lost sight of the sports utility vehicle. Little did they know that the vehicle had already lost control and crashed into a drainage ditch.

Several reports from drivers about some people wandering on that road led to the discovery of the accident.

In an interview with reporters, J.C. Hooper, Nueces County Sheriff shared his experience.

He said: “Shortly after daylight, we were able to locate the vehicle. They did find six deceased, five seriously injured, and evidence that more walked away.”

The police chief reported that some of the accident victims were extricated from the scene and swiftly taken to hospitals for immediate medical attention.

Authorities reported that the victims were from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico and were in the country illegally.

This is the latest of similar cases of illegal immigrants who died during police chase along the border.

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