Uzumaki Anime: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

Among horror filmmakers, Junji Ito is among the most well-known and esteemed. Junji Ito never fails to terrify, whether it’s via psychological discomfort or with eternal females frightening humans. The television series Uzumaki is based on one of his greatest novels.

Uzumaki has all the makings of a top-tier anime series. This new anime is based on the 1998 manga of the same name, and it’s fair to say that all of us spiral-face aficionados are trembling with excitement. Two high school students will navigate a strange plague that has befallen the sleepy coastal hamlet of Kurouzu-cho in this terrifying anime.

However, you may be wondering: when will the Uzumaki show be available? Is the anime going to stay true to the manga’s plot? Do not fear, spooky dogs; we will protect you. Learn more about Junji Ito’s new anime series, Uzumaki, right here! We cover the release date, trailer, storyline, and more.

Uzumaki Release Date

In 2024, Adult Swim and Production I.G. will finally release the much-anticipated Uzumaki anime. The precise release date is still a mystery, but fans can be confident that the adaptation will do justice to Ito’s manga with its gorgeous art and realistic story.

Uzumaki Story

Fans may get a sense of what happens in the anime from the Uzumaki manga. The live-action film adaptation of Uzumaki from 2000 is another, less well-known version of the franchise. Although it has become something of a cult hit, it was not a huge success and had reviews that were negative to mediocre.

Uzumaki follows the lives of Kirie Goshima, a high school student, and Shuichi Saito, her lover, as they navigate the hamlet of Kurouzu-cho, which is plagued by an enigmatic curse connected to spirals.

Spiral disfigurement, obsessions with spiral shapes, and extreme dread of spirals are among the disturbing events that begin to occur in the community. To save their village from the horrors that befall it, Kirie and Shuichi must determine the truth of the situation.

Uzumaki Cast

  • Kirie Goshima Voiced by: Uki Satake
  • Shuichi Saito Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki
  • Kirie’s father Voiced by: Toshio Furukawa
  • Shuichi’s father Voiced by: Takashi Matsuyama
  • Yukie Saito Voiced by: Mika Doi
  • Azami Kurotani Voiced by: Mariya Ise
  • Katayama Voiced by: Katsutoshi Matsuzaki
  • Okada Voiced by: Wataru Hatano
  • Tsumura Voiced by: Tatsumaru Tachibana
  • Yokota Voiced by: Kōichi Tōchika
  • Shiho Voiced by: Ami Fukushima

Uzumaki Animation Studio

Williams Street, Adult Swim’s in-house production arm, and Production I.G. are collaborating on Uzumaki’s production.

Rick and Morty, the Teen Titans from 2003, Samurai Jack, and many more hit animated series are all produced by Williams Street. Conversely, Production I.G. is a seasoned studio that has produced several excellent anime, such as Psycho-Pass, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Haikyu!!

The collaboration between the two studios is nothing new either. Their previous work includes the anime Immortal Grand Prix. Good news for Uzumaki fans: it was well-received.

Uzumaki Trailer

There was a ton of excitement when the first Uzumaki teaser came out in 2019. ‘Among the Sef,’ composed by Colin Stetson, sets the ambiance and immediately immerses you in Uzumaki’s universe in the teaser.

The trailer promises a faithful recreation of Junji Ito’s original nightmare vision with its stunning and stark black-and-white visuals, which bring the manga panels to life in all their spiral grandeur.

At the Adult Swim Festival’s “Toonami on the Green” event at San Diego Comic-Con on July 23, 2023, the Uzumaki First Look teaser was unveiled. In the new teaser, we get a glimpse of an early scene from Uzumaki, which focuses on the protagonists, Shuichi and Kirie.

In this scene, Shuichi notices all the spirals—from whirlwinds to whirpools—in their town and confides in Kirie about his father’s spiral obsession, which is slowly driving him insane. This preview only goes to show how well the animation crew is capturing the spirit of Junji Ito’s classic artwork in this new medium without sacrificing any of the suspense or atmosphere.

Where to watch Uzumaki?

Uzumaki will premiere in Japan and on Crunchyroll after its release; however, it will most likely appear on Adult Swim’s Toonami block. It is anticipated that the anime will be accessible at the Crunchyroll Expo 2019 since it was initially announced there.

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