Upload Season 3: Renewal Status, Release Date, And Other Details

The American writer and producer Greg Daniels, who is best known for making The Office, made the science fiction comedy-drama Upload for Prime Video. Amazon first bought a pilot for the show on September 8, 2017. On July 28, 2018, they bought ten episodes for the first season. Amazon Studios, Greg Daniel’s Deedle-Dee Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Reunion Pacific Entertainment worked together to make Upload, which debuted on May 1, 2020. Since then, there has only been one more season with seven episodes. But Season 3 of Upload is on the way.

In the first two seasons, Nathan gets into trouble in his new world while trying to keep in touch with his fiancée in the actual world. Upload quickly changes from a simple 30-minute comedy to a look at how a digital afterlife will affect our society and how corporate greed, microtransactions, voting rights, and even cloning will lead to a whole new industry. It’s like Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg and The Island by Michael Bay were mixed together in a blender.

Upload Season 3 Renewal Status

Season 3 of Upload has not been announced or canceled. We expect to hear soon about the third season of the show Upload. It looks like Amazon Prime Video will shortly pick up a third season of the show Upload. Let’s wait and see what comes next.

Upload storyline

In the year 2033, the story of Upload takes place, people can “upload” their souls into a virtual afterlife and “live” in a digital heaven called Lakeview, but with some restrictions. Just like any other very advanced technology, Lakeview is only for the wealthy. When computer programmer Nathan Brown makes a free version for the poor, some powerful people plan to kill him in a car crash. They do well, but Nathan can be “uploaded” because his girlfriend, Ingrid Kannerman, is rich.

Now, Nora Anthony, a living woman, is in charge of Nathan, who is another living dead in Lakeview. With the help of Nora and Nathan’s cousin Fran, the murder of Nathan is quickly accepted. How come? How? Who?

In Upload, we follow Nathan and Nora as they attempt to stop Horizon, the company that runs Lakeview, and FreeYond, a political branch of Horizon. To do this, they worked with The Ludds, a group that is against technology. While they are trying to figure out who killed Nathan and stop bad companies, Nathan’s possessive girlfriend, Ingrid, is playing her own games to keep her boyfriend with her and away from Nora.

Upload Season 3 Cast

  • Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown
  • Andy Allo as Nora Antony
  • Allegra Edwards as Ingrid Kannerman
  • Zainab Johnson as Aleesha
  • Kevin Bigley as Luke
  • Josh Banday as Ivan
  • Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Jamie
  • Chris Williams as Dave Antony
  • Christine Ko as Mandi
  • Jessica Tuck as Viv,
  • Philip Granger as Uncle Larry
  • William B. Davis as David Choak
  • Elizabeth Bowen as Fran Booth
  • Andy Thompson as Lionel Winters
  • Chloe Coleman as Nevaeh
  • Julian Christopher as Ernie
  • Rhys Slack as Dylan
  • Matt Ward as Byron
  • Barclay Hope as Oliver Kannerman
  • Yvetta Fisher as Batia
  • Scott Patey as Josh Pitzer

Upload Season 3 Plot

“Upload’s” second season ends on a huge cliffhanger. Ingrid gives the order for Nathan to be downloaded into a cloned body. After realizing she couldn’t stay in Lakeview all the time, Ingrid paid for this experimental treatment. But it’s not certain that Nathan will be capable of staying alive in his new body for good. So far, only a few pigeons have been able to fly with this method.

During the second season, Nathan also finds out that his father was killed. There are political goals behind it. People can’t vote on the ones that have been uploaded. A bad company called Freeyond gets rid of a lot of people who shouldn’t vote in the “swing states” of the US, which are places where elections are usually very close. Nathan wants to help the Ludds and Nora stop Freeyond, so he wants to work with them. He also decides to do a very dangerous download into his clone body because of this.

These stories will now be continued in season 3 of “Upload.” Nathan and Nora will try to stop Freeyond, on the one hand. At the end of season 2, Nathan’s nose also started to bleed. This makes it sound like his new body doesn’t want his soul. And, as she usually does, Ingrid doesn’t back down. She takes some of Nathan’s hair after she realizes she has lost him. She probably wants to make another copy of him with it. Nora and Nathan will now try to save his clone body in the third season of “Upload.” Also, the new episodes will no longer take place in Lakeview, at least at first.

Upload Season 3 Release Date

We don’t know when Upload Season 3 will come out as of March 2023, but it will probably be in the first quarter of 2023. In May 2022, the streaming platform finally confirmed that the tv series would be back for a third season. Vernon Sanders, who is in charge of global TV at Amazon, said that the show was a “real hit” before confirming the news in a statement.

Upload Season 3 Episodes

If the show’s creator opts for the next season of Upload, it could have seven or more episodes, just like the last two seasons did. So, the next season should have at least seven episodes.

Where can I watch Upload Seasons?

Amazon Prime will be able to stream the third season of Upload. Here is where you can sign up for Prime Video and watch the last two seasons.

Upload Season Rating

Upload has gotten mostly good reviews for its first two seasons, with many people praising its funny writing and charming cast. On Rotten Tomatoes, Season 1 of Upload has a score of 88%, and on Metacritic, it has a score of 67/100. The second season did better. On Rotten Tomatoes, it got a score of 100%, and on Metacritic, it got a score of 72/100. IMDb gives each season an average score of 7.9/10.

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