Unpublished images of Joaquin Phoenix

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'Poker' has been the success of 2019. Yes, there are 'Parasites' or 'Avengers: Endgame', but nothing comes close to what the 'Poker' movie has meant. With a tiny budget he managed to raise more than one billion at the box office and revolutionize both critics and the public. In fact, the media echoed what was going to happen with the premiere: that society was going to take to the streets. Although then nothing happened that was predicted, 'Poker' has been a social success. And Joaquin Phoenix has been the great supporter. His impressive transformation has made him an icon (if it was not already), and has managed to win all the great prizes of the season, including the Oscar for Best Actor.

Today it might seem that we have already seen everything we could see of the Poker, but Todd Phillips, director of the film, has come to tell us how wrong we are, since he has decided to share in his Instragram account unpublished images of the last movie shooting day. And they are wonderful!

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In them we see a Joaquin Phoenix stuck in the character, and showing us that controversial final scene and his escape from the Arkham Asylum, giving us a stroke of the Poker we all know, when he runs, chased by the security guard. These images also give a good account of the work the actor has done to get into the skin of the unbalanced Arthur Fleck.

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