Typewriter Season 2 Expected Release Date: Will It Return For Another Season?

Have you ever sat around a campfire listening to a scary story and felt your blood run cold? When I was a kid, I loved listening to scary stories but I always wondered if ghosts were real. We had talked about going ghost hunting numerous times. It appears that renowned Indian filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh has made it his mission to scare the living daylights out of us. In the supernatural suspense film Typewriter, a gang of teenagers travels to Goa to investigate reports of paranormal activity. This show is Netflix’s latest attempt at Indian thrillers, and the tagline for it is “A story to die for.”

Typewriter Season 2 Renewal Status

No word yet on when Typewriter Season 2 will premiere. Netflix has not yet announced whether it will renew or cancel Typewriter. Given the generally excellent statistics of the current 1st season, including critical and viewer consensus, an overall score of Typewriter on IMDb, and television ratings and reception on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, it seems likely that a second season of Typewriter will be produced.

Typewriter Season 2 Release Date

Typewriter may have only garnered a 6.4/10 rating on IMDb, but it was certainly well-liked. Some viewers may find the plot predictable, but that criticism could be leveled at any horror film or television series. It’s been over three years since season one of Typewriter premiered, and the producers still haven’t said when season two will air. Due to the first season’s delay of three years, the likelihood of a second season is slim.

Fans of the streaming service know all too well that their favorite series frequently get the ax. One possible explanation for the delay in the release of Typewriter Season 2 is financial constraints. It’s possible that Typewriter’s second season was canceled because it required a higher budget than Netflix could afford.

The second possible explanation is that the series did not attract enough viewers, but this is unlikely to be the case with Typewriter. Archive 81, which premiered in 2022 and was well received, is only one example of the many Netflix shows that have been criticized for being canceled without completion. We could hold out hope for a second season, but at this point, it seems rather unlikely. What does the future hold for Typewriter devotees?

Typewriter Storyline

The Indian online series “Typewriter” takes place in Goa. A group of would-be ghost hunters becomes interested in a haunted house and a mystery book. Yes, the story revolves around a group of teenagers who set out to trap a malicious ghost in their community. However, things take a sinister turn when a new family comes into the Bardez Villa, unleashing the house’s dark history.

At the beginning of the story, a police officer is trying to solve the mystery of who is responsible for a string of murders that have taken place around the Bardez Villa. He finds out that a certain girl seems to be the catalyst for all of these supernatural occurrences. Now, after reading the ghostly tale “The Ghost of Sultanpore,” a group of nine-year-olds have let their imaginations run wild. They decide to make it their mission to record the ghost of the infamous home in their Goan neighborhood. But their search is put on hold when a new family, including a daughter, moves in next door. With so much going on at once, it’s getting harder for the crew to juggle their studies with the requirements of this pressing mission.

Typewriter Cast and characters


  • Palomi Ghosh as Jenny Fernandes, mother of Nick and Anya
  • Purab Kohli as Inspector Ravi Anand
  • Jisshu Sengupta as Amit Roy, a mathematics teacher, faking as Roy, son of Fakeer.
  • Sameer Kochhar as Peter Fernandes, Jenny’s husband
  • Aarna Sharma as Sameera “Sam” Anand, Inspector Anand’s daughter and the leader of the ghost club
  • Aaryansh Malviya as Nikhil a.k.a. Nick, member of the ghost club
  • Palash Kamble as Devraj “Bunty” Banerjee, member of the ghost club
  • Mikhail Gandhi as Satyajit “Gablu” Tandon, member of the Ghost club
  • Sara Gesawat as Anya Fernandes, Jenny’s daughter and a violinist
  • K C Shankar as Selwyn
  • Bijou Thaangjam as Inspector Sushant
  • Aliraza Namdar as Father Mason
  • Harish Khanna as Moses
  • Rinki Singhavi as Inspector Mira
  • Sonali Sachdev as Charu, mother of Fakeer. She has paranormal powers within her.
  • Abhishek Banerjee as Fakeer, son of Charu who inherited paranormal powers from his mother.
  • Sumit Singh as Mr. Tandon, father of Gablu
  • Kiran Ahuja as Mrs. Tandon, mother of Gablu
  • Palash Dutta as Mr. Banerjee father of Bunty
  • Debonita as Mrs. Banerjee, mother of Bunty
  • Rammakant Daayama as Dr. Spirit, a fraud who claims to call spirits and ghost
  • Kanwaljit Singh as Madhav Matthew the ghost story writer. He died under suspicious circumstances.
  • Elli Avram as Anita
  • Meenacshi Martins as Maria Lopes, the maid
  • Masood Akhtar as James Almeida, ex-gardener of Madhav Matthew, owner of Goodhead bar
  • Boloram Das as Harish (peon)
  • Tulsi Das as Vacso Lopes
  • Shruthy Menon as Carol, Jenny’s mother, who died under mysterious circumstances

Typewriter Season 2 Plotline

There were many mysteries left unresolved at the end of Season 1, and viewers were left wondering if the show will be picked up for a second season. Despite the fact that the show’s namesake typewriter was thrown off a cliff and set on fire at the end of the first season, there are still many questions that may be answered in a second installment.

Typewriter Season 2 Trailer

While we wait for news of Season 2 of “Typewriter,” please enjoy the first season’s trailer. You may watch the entire series on Netflix if you haven’t watched it yet.

Where can I watch Typewriter?

If there will be a second season of The Typewriter, it will be available on Netflix.

Typewriter Season 1 Review

There’s a short prologue that sets the stage for the rest of the story, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole series. A group of young people known as the “ghost gang” are introduced as having set out to verify or refute the stories surrounding a recently deceased author. There are a number of allusions to Stranger Things, and their friendship serves as the series’ unifying thread. However, their voyage actually begins at the Bahdez Villa, where they meet a new family who has recently moved in. Everything goes to pot when a peculiar typewriter takes possession of the household’s occupants and starts acting of its own volition.

The drama and horror are well integrated with the mystery components, which include flashbacks, newspaper clippings, and all the normal investigative cues you’d expect from work in this genre. Typewriter does a good job of maintaining a consistent level of creepiness across all five episodes. Typewriter manages well to maintain your watching through to its conclusion despite abandoning some of the initial creepiness in favor of a more determined fight to the finish, as you might expect from a show like this.


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