Turnaround, Chinese production and outsourcing in Japan: wages in China

L’Japanese animation industry it is experiencing a very complex period also due to the speed with which the sector is transforming. The streaming market, foreign capital and the usual wage problem in Japan are a whole host of factors that are affecting the market quite drastically.

Also for several manufacturers in Japan, such as Taiki Sakurai, Netflix is ​​helping to change the industry, especially thanks to the attempt by the American giant to internationalize anime. The inflow of capital from China has also completely turned the tables to the point that the situation is really starting to reverse.

The famous Japanese portal Livedoor News, in fact, has recently investigated the working situation of Chinese productions where, on average, the monthly salary of an animator in Hangzhou is around 4000 euros while that of a animator in Japan for just 1300 euros. It also seems that animation studios in China are opening branches in the Rising Sun, just think of the studio Colored Pencil Animation Japan who worked on The King’s Avatar, to take advantage of the lower cost of labor and the talent of Japanese artists. Certainly a complex situation, as denounced by employees in the sector, and which could lead in the long term to important changes for the entire industry.

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