Top Boy Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Many Netflix viewers still want more of the grimy London-set criminal thriller Top Boy, even if Dushane and Sully’s narrative ended well. Among Netflix’s most inventive and compelling series, the five-season British drama Top Boy offered a narrative unlike any other.

Top Boy premiered in the UK on Channel 4 in 2013, but it wasn’t until Drake, the show’s executive producer, convinced Netflix to renew it in 2019 that it took off. Although Top Boy’s fifth season concluded the tale, viewers still aren’t interested in the show’s sixth season.

Top Boy Season 6

The main characters in Top Boy are the drug dealers Sully (Kano, actual name Kane Robinson) and Dushane (Ashley Walters, aka UK rapper Asher D). The fictitious Summerhouse estate in London’s Hackney Borough was the setting for Top Boy from its first two seasons till Netflix and Drake’s renewed seasons 3-5.

The fifth season concluded definitively, with the deaths of Sully and Dushane. Season 6 of Top Boy will not center on any of these characters. There may not be any plans for a new season of Top Boy, but that doesn’t mean Netflix can’t bring fans back to the Summerhouse estate with the massive Top Boy ensemble.

Top Boy Season 6 Release Date

Top Boy season 6 will not be happening. Season 5 (or season 3, depending on how you look at it on Netflix) concludes the tale of the series, hence there has been no announcement about a release date.

On September 7, 2023, the last six episodes were released. Season 2 ended with Sully’s deeds reshaping his partnership with Dushane in the corporate world. Their kingdom is threatened in season 3, which brings new issues for the two. I won’t give anything away, but it seems like the series finale marks the end of the road. It has already been announced that the series would be ending. Thankfully, it wasn’t axed before the story could conclude.

Top Boy Cast

  • Ashley Walters as Dushane Hill
  • Kane Robinson as Gerard “Sully” Sullivan
  • Shone Romulus as Dris Wright
  • Malcolm Kamulete as Ra’Nell Smith
  • Giacomo Mancini as Gemel “Gem” Mustapha
  • Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Lisa Smith
  • Kierston Wareing as Heather
  • Nicholas Pinnock as Leon
  • Xavien Russell as Michael
  • Micheal Ward as Jamie Tovell
  • Jasmine Jobson as Jacqueline “Jaq” Lawrence
  • Simbi Ajikawo as Shelley
  • Hope Ikpoku Jnr. as Aaron Tovell
  • Araloyin Oshunremi as Stefan Tovell
  • Keiyon Cook as Attica “Ats” Ayittey
  • Jolade Obasola as Amma Ayittey
  • Kadeem Ramsay as Kit
  • Lisa Dwan as Lizzie Kilfauns
  • Saffron Hocking as Lauryn Lawrence
  • NoLay as Mandy
  • Adwoa Aboah as Becks

Top Boy Season 5 Recap

Series three of the revival series picks off just where series two left off. Sully, having murdered Jamie, now threatens to assassinate Dushane unless the Summerhouse gang boss resigns. With Dushane’s reluctance, Sully and his buddy Junior take over as leaders, freeing up Dushane to concentrate on helping Shelley grow her company. Under Sully’s leadership, an uneasy partnership is formed with Irish gangster Jonny McGee and his uncle Tadgh, who was responsible for the murder of the Moroccans.

Si, a friend of Jamie’s and another ZT member encourages Stefan to get vengeance for his brother’s murder and finds solace in Stefan’s company when he is sent to a care facility after Jamie’s death. Stefan, however, decides to start seeing Dris’s daughter Erin—who is now staying with her mom and Mandy, Dris’s widowed girlfriend—rather than deny her.

After finding out that Lizzie and her accountant friend Lithe had stolen £15 million from his account, Dushane becomes extremely angry and desperate. He ends up killing Jeffrey, Lizzie’s husband and snaps at Shelley, who ends their relationship because he fixates on power and wealth. The cops have their sights set on Dushane since he has not cleaned up after Jeffrey’s death.

Lauryn, meantime, has postpartum depression after giving birth to a son and dies by drowning in the tub as a result of a heroin overdose. To create a better life for her newborn nephew, Becks, and her girlfriends, Jaq, who is heartbroken and disillusioned with selling drugs, decides, with Kieron’s aid, to steal Sully’s narcotics.

Sully closes the play by murdering Dushane, who tried to pay for his illegal departure from the nation by stealing narcotics from Jaq. Stefan finally decides he doesn’t want to live a life of crime after having Sully held at gunpoint; he then walks away. After being approached by Stefan, the last scene depicts an unidentified attacker shooting and murdering Sully in the head as he rests in his vehicle in the park’s parking lot.

Top Boy Season 6 Plot

Since the tale concluded very clearly, any speculation about the future of Top Boy is purely conjectural, and there aren’t any plans for a sixth season. But that doesn’t mean season 5’s riddles are completely unresolved; in fact, they may hold the key to season 6’s storyline.

One of the most pressing concerns is determining who fired the gun that killed Sully in the fifth season finale. This might set the stage for Top Boy season 6 to begin and dictate the story’s direction because the killer’s name was never disclosed.

Although the major plot points were resolved in the fifth season finale of The Top Boy, the show left viewers with more questions than answers. Even without Dushane and Sully, the plot of Top Boy season 6 might go in any direction thanks to this uncertainty, which was both heartbreaking and exciting.

Where to watch Top Boy?

You can watch Top Boy Season on Netflix and be swept up in the intriguing and raunchy Summerhouse estate environment. The complicated individuals’ lives and the obstacles they encounter are further explored in this highly anticipated season.

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