TOP 5 TV Shows popular among students

TV helps students to relax after a long day in class. Some of the shows can also be used to jog your memory or learn a few concepts from a different perspective compared to studying in class. Television shows ignite your creativity and imagination, helping you to produce insightful ideas in your essays. 

Each student has a unique selection. Some love current affairs and will follow news-related programs. Other students follow sports shows while others have to watch technology and innovation. Despite the diversity in preference, some shows stand out among students at different levels. 

Here is a look at some of the most popular TV shows among students and why they have managed to capture their attention. 

  • Outer Banks 

Outer Banks is the creation of Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke. It was originally streamed on Netflix. It features such outstanding actors as Madison Bailey, Jonathan Davis, Chase Stokes, and Rudy Pankow, among others. Can I hire a pro to do my history homework while I enjoy a few shows on TV? Writing services offer the best writers to tackle any topic or discipline, giving you more personal time. 

Outer Banks is a teen drama, making it easier for college students to relate. It juxtaposes the lives of two kids christened Kooks and Pogues. Kooks come from a rich family background while the Pogues are from the opposite spectrum. They live on a marshy coastal island in North Carolina where anything goes. There are fewer adults, schools are closed, you don’t have to wear a shirt, and any high-school fantasy is welcome. 

The idea of adventure in Outer Banks makes it attractive to college students. The players chosen by the team perfectly fit their character. The plot gives students every reason to follow the show. 

  • Saved by the Bell

Sam Bobrick has gathered some of the best talents to create a blockbuster in Saved by the Bell. The bell indicates that the show is set in school. It features Mitchell Hoog, Haskiri Velazquez, Josie Totah, and Elizabeth Lauren, among others. 

The story features interaction and conflict between Whites, Latinx, and Black kids. The conflict arises when the white kids are forced to ride the bus taking the black kids to their neighborhoods. It is an impressive imagination and narrative about the racial divide in society, and especially in education. 

  • Euphoria

Sam Levinson has created one of the best shows on TV for college students. His choice of actors is amazing, bringing together the best talent in Zendaya, Angus Cloud, and Alexa Demie, among others. The show explores the treatment of drugs and sex among the youth. It is also a philosophical examination of existential mystery and misery. As the title suggests, you will be lost in the euphoria as you try to figure out the philosophy behind the narrative. 

  • Grown-ish 

Is there a grey area between being an adult and a child? Grown-ish explores this spot where the youths are seeking freedom yet they have to depend on their parents and the authorities that be. Kenya Barris has perfectly captured the confusion witnessed at this phase. You will soon fall in love with characters on the show, then get lost trying to figure out what the scriptwriter is trying to achieve. It is a role-play of the life of a young adult in college. 

  • Sex Education

How do you teach sex education? This is the subject of one of the best shows for college students today. Meet a teenage boy with all imaginable anxieties and insecurities having to grow in the hands of an uninhibited sex expert for a mother. Your guess is as good as mine. 

TV shows will entertain you during class breaks. They offer the best fonder as you pass time with peers and friends after class. The stories will also inspire you to be more creative in a class by producing outstanding ideas. 

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