Too Hot To Handle: Have A Look At How Francesca Defends Haley!!

Most viewers have already become fans of one of the best reality television dating game show streaming on Netflix. If you will watch the first seasons of this amazing reality TV show then you will surely fall in love with the game show. But fans will be more than happy to know the way Francesca defends everyone’s favorite Haley. Read all about it here.

It is indeed not an easy task to find true love in this fast-growing selfish world, right? But the show provides its participants with a new universe where love-seekers will find their true love. “Too Hot To Handle” is all about a reality show in which people participate in order to seek true love while meeting complete strangers. It is an American reality television dating game show by Fremantle Production company Talkback. Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett did create the series beautifully and realistic.

It’s All About Francesca and Haley!!

One of the reasons behind such overthrowing popularity of the show is the beautiful relationship between Francesca and Haley. If you did watch the first season of the show then you will notice that they both have been good friends. Since the beginning of the show, the strong bond of love can be seen among both the lovely women. In the show, Haley seems to have a crush on Francesca and she really likes her a lot.

Haley is a great comedian but she does not have the same bond with everyone else as she has with Francesca. In a recent interview, Francesca did explain about her kissing Haley was not the same as Kissing with Harry. Also, she did mention Haley saying that she is not a negative person, If people are not her number one fans then it will be okay to be negative to them. Even though Haley is not good with others, Francesca agrees to defend her which may hint that she also likes Haley.

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