Tips on effective communication between students and teachers

Tips on effective communication between students and teachers

A lot of things depend on the teachers at the university: knowledge, grades, the reputation of the student. This is one of the reasons why you should not spoil relations with those who determine your fate at school.

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There are different teachers. They may be friendly, responsive, funny, as well as sullen, taciturn. It might be quite difficult to find a common language with them and to avoid problems we have to maneuver. The intra-university hierarchy forces you to treat all members of the teaching staff with respect, even if your emotions are beating over the edge.

Unfortunately, the communication between teachers and students does not always work out well. The observations showed that there may be several reasons for the lack of mutual understanding:

  • A big age difference.
  • The teacher is excessively conservative, and the students adhere to progressive views.
  • Young people are actively using new technologies for studying, and teachers prefer “the old-fashioned way”.
  • The teacher likes to give personal life advice, and students can’t stand it.
  • Poorly developed communication skills.

There is at least one teacher who is characterized by all of the above at any university. The student in this case is on the suffering side, unable to do anything. You only have the option to accept or leave the educational institution altogether.

And it also happens that a teacher, despite great efforts, is not able to keep up with the pace of time and means of learning: to master the Internet, to deal with new software, to apply modern teaching methods. Most teachers understand their shortcomings, and do not drown students for using gadgets for educational purposes.

There are elderly, but very progressive teachers. And there is simply no price for this! As a rule of thumb, the older the teacher, the more knowledge and experience he managed to accumulate. He certainly has something to share. When teacher at an advanced age keeps up with the times, it inspires students.

Personalities like this, demonstrate that youth is a state of mind, and not a simple number of years lived.

Why should you be friends with teachers?

Educational interaction has a very specific purpose: the transfer of knowledge. Appropriate conditions must be created for pleasant educational process. Here we mean the microclimate inside the educational team.

It may happen that teachers attribute the difficulties of the educational process to anything but their incompetence. Similarly, students who blame teachers for not presenting the subject clearly enough behave the same way.

All students need to understand one thing: if a teacher has been working at a university for many years, he has long felt like the master of any audience. For the lecturer students are just guests, whom he helpfully regales with his knowledge.

It’s better to try to find a positive line of behavior, instead of arguing and looking for evidence of other people’s mistakes. When we study, we not only acquire knowledge but also continue to hone communication skills that are important for later life. Anyway, interpersonal communication is the basis on which everything rests. 

How to communicate with teachers?

You should not talk to teachers the way you talk to classmates, communication on equal terms is excluded. Remember, that respect is the first thing that is necessary for successful interaction with someone who shares knowledge with you and helps you find a profession.

Here are some more tips:

Try to keep up with the discipline established by the teacher

Make sure to respect teacher’s direction not to be late and not to rustle candy wrappers, there is nothing super complicated about it. It is totally fine teaching students to be punctual and follow simple rules.

Another question is if the requirements do not look quite adequate or resemble personal requests. Students are not required to do the teacher’s work for the teacher, run to the store for snacks and wash the windows in the office.

Take a keen interest in the subject

Do not sit at the back rows, where you can sleep under the table. Do you want to be respectful? Sit closer, make eye contact, ask questions. It’s much more entertaining to be involved in the process than just listening. You will experience that communication and interactivity significantly increase interest in learning.

It is very satisfying to appreciate the opportunity to communicate with a person older and more experienced than you. Do not be shy to ask for advice, ask for help – teachers love it very much. Try not to be overly intrusive, such an extreme is unlikely to contribute to the formation of a good attitude.

Take part in conferences

Be happy if the teacher offered you such an opportunity. So, he believes in you and sees good potential. Refusal will disappoint him very much.

Of course, it will take time to prepare, but what a valuable experience you will get in the end! Participation in conferences is not just a tick on your resume, it is a real opportunity to meet smart and interesting people. Such connections can be useful both for personal communication and for further professional activity.

Be sympathetic

This rule of communication applies to absolutely all people, even teachers or bosses. The worst thing that one person can show towards another is indifference, so avoid it as much as possible.

Of course, it also happens that the lecturer constantly “moves away” from the topic, begins to complain about life, talks too much about himself, and also inspires students with his views. This is unacceptable. In this case, you have the right to gently remind him about the topic of the lecture.

Learn to build relationships not only with peers but also with people older than you. And the specialists from good services on reddit service will help you cope with the training tasks. With the qualified assistance you will be more successful at university.

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