Tiny Pretty Things Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

A gripping drama series perfect for binge-watching, “Tiny Pretty Things” features crime, secrets, and fierce competition. Michael MacLennan adapted Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton’s novel of the same name for the show. The story follows Neveah Stroyer (Kylie Jefferson), who is offered a full scholarship to attend Chicago’s prestigious ballet school Archer School. As Neveah enters the dancing world, she learns that the dancer who was supposed to take her spot is now in a coma after being attacked and falling off a four-story building.

Midway through the year 2020, Netflix unveiled the first season of this original series consisting of 10 episodes. Audiences are left wondering if the next season will be released soon after the unexpected conclusion. Take a look at the information we have so far on season two of “Tiny Pretty Things.”

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Renewal Status

The extended wait for news of Tiny Pretty Things’ renewal has been frustrating for fans. But alas, there will be no such announcement in the future. This is due to the fact that the boiling monster has eliminated any doubt. The show was discontinued after only one season. As a result, Season 2 of Tiny Pretty Things will not premiere in the near future. Furthermore, it failed to provide a reasonable explanation for the sudden project termination.

In particular, Netflix did not publicly inform viewers that it had decided to cancel Season 3 of the show. Instead, Brennan Clost acknowledged it in a video he uploaded on YouTube. In addition, the actor explained why the squad opted without making an official announcement.

He claimed that Netflix would not comment because its offerings are timeless. After hearing of the show’s termination, many viewers may have decided against watching even the pilot episode. Brennan said that the actors and the official team had similarly private conversations about it as a result. This means that Netflix will not be adding any more episodes to the second season.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 Recap

Set in the highly competitive environment of a prestigious ballet school, Tiny Pretty Things chronicles the lives of a diverse group of young adults on the cusp of adulthood. This show chronicles the goings-on at a Chicago dance academy through the eyes of its students, faculty, and donors.

Actors in the show do their own dancing rather than using dance doubles. The Archer School of Ballet is not only the premier dance academy in Chicago but also the training ground for the internationally acclaimed City Works Ballet. The Archer School welcomes dancers of all socioeconomic backgrounds, regions, and socioeconomic levels. Despite this, they have something very few people share: a special gift for dance and a deep feeling of camaraderie. When it comes to their goals, there is no alternative.

Tiny Pretty Things Cast and characters

  • Brennan Clost as Shane McRae, an openly gay dancer who is secretly sleeping with his roommate, Oren
  • Barton Cowperthwaite as Oren Lennox, a dancer who has an eating disorder and Shane’s roommate whom he is secretly sleeping with
  • Bayardo De Murguia as Ramon Costa, one of the best choreographers in the world
  • Damon J. Gillespie as Caleb Wick, a dancer who is secretly sleeping with Monique, the Archer School of Ballet’s director
  • Kylie Jefferson as Neveah Stroyer, a dancer from Inglewood, California
  • Casimere Jollette as Bette Whitlaw, a dancer who is living in the shadow of her older sister, Delia, and Oren’s girlfriend
  • Anna Maiche as Cassie Shore, the dancer who falls from the rooftop and is in a coma
  • Daniela Norman as June Park, Cassie’s former roommate and Neveah’s roommate
  • Michael Hsu Rosen as Nabil Limyadi a French dancer who is a Muslim, Caleb’s roommate, and Cassie’s boyfriend
  • Tory Trowbridge as Delia Whitlaw, Bette’s older sister and a graduate of the Archer School of Ballet; she is living with Costa and is considered a rising star
  • Jess Salgueiro as Isabel Cruz, a Chicago Police Department police officer who is investigating Cassie’s case
  • Lauren Holly as Monique DuBois, the director of the Archer School of Ballet in Chicago, Illinois, who is secretly sleeping with Caleb
  • Alexandra Bokyun Chun as Maricel Park, June’s mother
  • Shaun Benson as Topher Brooks, the ballet master at the Archer School of Ballet
  • Michelle Nolden as Katrina Whitlaw, Bette and Delia’s mother who is part of the Archer School of Ballet’s executive committee
  • Paula Boudreau as Selena Covey, Monique’s secretary
  • Jessica Greco as Torri Fuller, the Archer School of Ballet’s resident advisor
  • Morgan Kelly as Alan Renfrew, the head of sports medicine at the Archer School of Ballet and Topher’s husband
  • Clare Butler as Esmé Halterlein
  • Araya Mengesha as Tyler Stroyer, Neveah’s older brother
  • Ashley Coulson as Gwen Resnik
  • Nicole Huff as Paige Aquino
  • Alex Eling as Matteo Marchetti, Bette’s love interest
  • Daniel Kash as Sgt. Dan Lavery, Isabel’s boss at Chicago Police Department
  • Luke Humphrey as Travis Quinn
  • Josh Pyman as Dev Ranaweera, Shane’s love interest
  • Erin Pitt as Laura

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Expected Plot

The tension and intrigue only increased as the showdown drew near. Cassie emerged from her coma and began to feel better. When she came to, she discovered that her fall had no longer been an accident. Cassie said that she knew for sure that it was Delia who had shoved her. Ramon, who was dating Cassie, was a fan favorite of the latter. Delia’s jealousy drove her to the point where she could no longer tolerate the situation.

Delia’s mother, amazingly, was aware of the conspiracy and did nothing about it, even after she framed Bette. After Cassie went back to school, the ending grew more suspenseful and intriguing. Ramon’s demise is revealed in the film’s closing scene. A sharp knife was buried in his chest after being stabbed. We might have learned who killed Ramon and why in season two. More than that, there are other plots waiting to be explored in the novel’s sequel. Season 2’s plot would most likely be based on the sequel to the series’ first novel, “Shiny, Broken Pieces.”

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Release Date

After the premiere, both critics and viewers expressed strong disapproval, making it clear that they had not enjoyed the show and that so much drama centered around a simple school of ballet was not normally accepted by the audience. As a result, the producers never even considered the possibility of a second season of Tiny Pretty Things. The show was abruptly discontinued without any prior warning or explanation from the Netflix service.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 Rating

Although “Tiny Pretty Things” has a legion of devoted followers, it has also been panned by certain critics. Rotten Tomatoes only gave the show a 53% critical and 52% audience grade.’Tiny Pretty Things’ was criticized for having “obscenely unnecessary sex scenes,” which took the audience’s attention away from the mystery. Some people may find sexual content offensive because of the young protagonists.

Where can I watch Tiny Pretty Things Season 2?

If a second season had been produced, it would have been made available on Netflix in the same way as the first one was.

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