This monkey can play Pong with his mind thanks to Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implants

Science fiction brought to the real world of Elon Musk We were surprised in mid-2019 with the arrival of Neuralink, a new company dedicated to connecting neurons and computers using brain implants.

Since then, the fine line between smoke and scientific amazement had us in suspense with what it could offer after testing the device on animals and humans. Today we are a little closer to that surreal reality when we see a monkey playing Pong with his brain.

The nine-year-old macaque seems to demonstrate how, after implantation of Neuralink Six weeks before the experiment, you can move the paddles of the Pong video game using only your mind.

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After playing with a joystick manually while receiving banana prizes through the metal straw, the device has recorded their actions to be able to emulate them later when the team of the experiment gets rid of the joystick.

With no controller to hold onto, the monkey’s brain sends out the impulses with the intention of moving the paddle. Pong manually and Neuralink does the rest to act as a bridge.

According appointment Own Elon Musk, actions like these can be key to allow someone with some type of paralysis You can use your phone faster than someone who uses their thumbs.

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