This is the new ball in the Premier League whose revolutionary design worries scorers

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This is Flight, the new ball of the Premier League (@luisferpo)
This is Flight, the new ball of the Premier League (@luisferpo)

The World Cup in South Africa will be remembered for various aspects, such as the consecration of Spain, the deafening sound of bubucelas and the Waka Waka Shakira, but above all things the memory of the Jabulani will predominate. Few times until that moment had a ball been the protagonist of an event and this was due to the fact that Its innovative design made by Adidas generated that every time the ball reached great speed in the air, it became unpredictable for both kickers and goalkeepers.

It was then that heThe company Nike decided to develop an opposite design. In 2012 the multinational began to experiment to find a ball that is as predictable as possible and after eight years it achieved the expected results.

So this Sunday, it was announced that Flight will be the official ball of the Premier League 2020/21. "A new soccer ball that changes everything but the heart of the game," announces the official site of the American company that claims to have manufactured a unique product in history that will mainly favor the best kickers in the world.

The grooves will allow air distribution so that the ball can travel a greater distance (@luisferpo)
The grooves will allow air distribution so that the ball can travel a greater distance (@luisferpo)

The design features a relief that redirects the air between its grooves so that the ball can reach its destination without last minute changes. Thus, the completely smooth surface will go down in history, since with this new format, unpredictable movements will be stopped at high speed.

This will be a huge advantage for archers, who will not be surprised by an unexpected turn of the ball in any direction due to air resistance, but also for the best scorers in the world, who will be able to direct the ball wherever they like, without major inconveniences.

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Perfected over 8 years and 1,700 hours of testing, the soccer ball Nike Flight it is a revolution in constant flight. Molded grooves and 3D-printed ink fine-tune flight through the air to help players position the ball exactly where they want it”Explains the site that already sells the product for USD 160 in white or black.

The ball will be beneficial for the goalkeepers (@luisferpo)
The ball will be beneficial for the goalkeepers (@luisferpo)

“We track players on the field. We spent years in the laboratory. The result? The Nike Flight Ball It has 30% more flight than its predecessor, the Nike Merlin. Does that mean each shot will go where you want it? No but means less wobble in midair for a more predictable and consistent flight. Each soccer ball has an unpredictable movement in flight due to the forces it encounters in the air. The technology Nike Aerowsculpt it helps those forces move around the ball more easily for a more stable flight. They are small grooves that make a big difference"

Those who could be harmed are the scorers whose main characteristic is strong shots. With today's spheres, a shot with too much power makes the destination of the ball many times impossible for the goalkeepers to calculate, but with Flight this will no longer be a challenge.


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