These Minecraft buildings are the most original and unexpected I’ve seen in a long time

Many, many years have passed since its launch. With so much time behind him, the incredible thing is that to this day he still manages to surprise us. But that’s the way it happens all the time and we’re happy about it.

Minecraft has been a garden of creativity, fantasy and a demonstration of originality for years. exist constructions, mods and adventures of all kinds in the block title. However, it does not seem to have limits thanks to its own limitless concept.

31 mind-blowing buildings, cities, and architectural ideas created in Minecraft

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make us open our mouths. Spectator is a user who has put this sensation in check. Through his YouTube channel, he makes short videos (most of them less than a minute) in which he does nothing but make us rub our eyes.

With really simple montages, without saying a single word and a nice music accompanying him, Spectator shows his creations. There are of all types and conditions. Each one of them is truly worth it. Here are some examples, but if you investigate their channel you will find many more.

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