these are the technology companies listed on BME Growth

Searching and finding financing is always one of the most complicated matters of all companies and startups. Some of them end up going to Stock markets so anyone can buy your shares and, thus, obtain more financing for your projects.

The Ibex 35 is, in Spain, the main stock market, in which the main Spanish companies are listed. One step below is BME Growth, a market oriented to small capitalization companies. In other words, the SME stock market.

BME Growth is a market aimed at companies from any activity sector and you can find companies from sectors such as biotech and health, engineering or renewables. Also telecommunications and technology.

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These are the current listed technology companies in this stock market, well categorized as Telecommunications or Electronics and Software companies.

Agile Content

Based in Barcelona, ​​Agile Content offers publishing companies and major brands tools for the publication, distribution and monetization of their content and audiences.

The company develops a platform with which it intends to help collect and process hundreds of millions of user data in real time to distribute audience profiles and recommended content.


It is a consulting, development and maintenance services company for technology solutions and services with almost 30 years of experience in the market.

Altia employs more than 2,200 people, including engineers and consultants, and has been listed on the stock market since 2010.

It is also, one of the 15 companies in this market with the highest volume of contracts.

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Catenon is a multinational company of recruitment but employing data-based technologies and other digital solutions to carry out this search for talent.

Although it has a presence in several countries, it ensures that it works as if it only had one office to identify, evaluate and present candidates from anywhere in the world.


Eurona is a Spanish telecommunications multinational that provides broadband access services through satellite, WIFI or fixed 4G. It is in the Top 10 of the telecommunications operators in Spain and is the leading operator in satellite capacity in Europe, according to its data.

The company has a presence in more than twenty countries and is dedicated to offering connectivity in areas with poor or no coverage, especially in rural areas and municipalities with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants.

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FacePhi is a Spanish company dedicated to developing biometric solutions for identity verification, specialized in facial recognition systems, digital onboarding and safe work environments.

It has more than 60 clients (especially from the financial world), both in Spain and in Latin America and other areas. It has been listed on BMW Growth since 2014.


Gigas was born in 2011 and has specialized in the provision of convergent and comprehensive services of communications and cloud for companies. It has 11 data centers spread over Europe and Latin America as well as offices in 8 countries.

In 2015 Gigas began to be listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange and part of its growth has come from the purchase of other companies, such as SVT, Ability, AHP and Ignitar, all of them focused on cloud computing services. Last year and after the purchase of the Portuguese telco ONI and the business business of MásMóvil, Gigas became an operator of convergent telecommunications, cloud, connectivity and security services.


Izertis offers services and technological solutions such as AI, Devops, Cloud or security, among many others. The company has almost 25 years of existence and it is present with offices in Europe, America and Africa.

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Currently, it employs more than 800 professionals. In November 2019, it joined BME Growth and since April 2020 it has been included in the IBEX Growth Market 15 index. Since its IPO, its shares have appreciated by more than 460%. is specialized in notification and electronic signature. With more than 25 years behind it, the company continues to do business with sending SMS.

25 years Lleida

The company is listed in more markets in addition to Spanish, which was released the same year that the Gowex scandal broke.

Making Science

Making Science is one of the youngest companies. It was born in 2016 and is specialized in e-commerce and digital transformation, offering services for digital advertising, data analytics, e-commerce and cloud.

Making Science decided to start trading on BME Growth in February 2020 with the aim of strengthening its national and international presence.

Netex Learning

Netex was born in 1997 with the challenge of combining technology and innovation. To do this, they develop applications and services for training in companies and educational institutions, such as ContentCloud and LearningCloud, which are offered in more than 35 countries around the world through a number of partners.

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Since the end of October 2017, it has been listed on BME Growth and its clients include Oxford University Pres or the Galician Health Service.

NPG Tech

NPG Technology is one of the few with a hardware product. Established in 2001, it is specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of telecommunications, electronics and computing products. It has a presence in Spain, Portugal, China and Latam. It has three factories, one in Madrid, another in China and another in Mexico, the only Spanish brand with its own factories in Spanish territory.

NPG is dedicated to the manufacture of Smart TVs (patented) from 19 ”to 60” and 4K UHD under Android’s own system; DTT-2 digital tuners; home video surveillance and security systems; and development and sale of Nesspreso-compatible single-dose capsule coffee machines.


Robot is a company in the sector of facilities and equipment for buildings, specialized in hotels. Designs, manufactures, installs and maintains systems for building control. Organized into two divisions focused on product creation and service provision, from which the systems it offers to its customers are designed and manufactured, installed and maintained.

The objective of this company’s systems is to optimize the control of facilities in buildings and industries and to facilitate the management of their consumption. It has been listed on the stock exchange since 2018.

Cuatroochenta Solutions

Cuatroochenta is a technology company specialized in develop and implement digital cloud solutions in Europe and Latin America. Although it was born as an app developer, the company also offers management and cybersecurity solutions.

four eighty

Born in 2011, it has a staff of more than 100 people. Its headquarters are in the Espaitec technology and business park of the Jaume I University of Castelló but it has offices in Burgos, Madrid, Milan, Panama, Bogotá and Santo Domingo to offer service in 14 countries.

Tier 1

Tier1 is a business group that provides IT services with a special focus on the development of its software products. Tier1 builds and installs IT solutions for business processes, such as purchasing, sales, finance, logistics, asset management and others. But, in addition, it carries out the deployment and maintenance of ICT infrastructures. In other words, it is in charge of the installation and maintenance of the technological infrastructure of the companies.

It has a subsidiary, Comerzzia, which has developed and owns a trading software platform.

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