The X-Files Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The X-Files Season 12 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The show is all about Fox Mulder, a believer, and Dana Scully, a sceptic, who are both FBI Special Agents and look into the strange as well as unexplained X-files. The X-files are unsolved crimes that involve the supernatural.

Gillian Anderson’s declaration that she would be leaving The X-Files before the 11th season had even started sent the show into a tailspin.

She had said before that season 11 “is going to be the final” for her. For fans who didn’t really believe her, she affirmed it in december and said, “I’ve stated from the start, this is the end of me.”

Chris Carter made The X-Files, and is an American science fiction theatre TV show. From 1993 to May 2002, Fox showed the original TV show.

Throughout its initial run, the programme spanned nine seasons, to 202 episodes. From January to February 2016, the tenth season only had six episodes.

After this revival did well in the ratings, The X-Files came back for a 11th season with ten episodes that ran from January to April 2018.

In addi – tion to the TV show, there have been two full-length movies: The X-Files, which came out in 1998, and The X-Files: I Would like to Believe, which came out in 2008, 7 months after the TV show ended.

Mulder is a good criminal profiler, a strong believer in the supernatural, as well as a conspiracy theorist who claims to believe in the paranormal.

Scully, on the other hand, is a medical doctor as well as a sceptic who has been asked to look at Mulder’s findings in a scientific way.

Early on in the show, both representatives become pawns inside a larger conflict as well as come to trust only one another and the few select people.

The agents also find out that the government wants to hide the fact that there is life outside of Earth.

Mulder and Scully’s adventures together help them become close friends, which by the end of the series turns into a relationship.

About a third of the episodes follow a complicated story arc about a scheduled alien invasion, while the other two-thirds are “beast of the week” occurrences that each focus on a different villain, mutant, as well as monster.

The X-Files was inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Tales from of the Darkside, Twin Peaks, and particularly Kolchak: The Night Stalker, which had elements of suspense and science fiction.

When creating the major characters, Carter decided to seek to reverse gender norms by making Scully a believer as well as Scully a sceptic. Both Duchovny and Anderson were in all seven of the first seasons.

The X-Files Season 12 Release Date

FOX hasn’t said for sure that The X-Files will be back for a 12th season yet. As of 2023, there really is no date set for when the new season will come out. This will not mean that the show is over.

It’s possible that the show is taking a break, and next season hasn’t been planned or announced yet. We will add more information to this post as soon as it is available.

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The X-Files Season 12 Cast

  • David Duchovny plays the character of Fox Mulder. Fox Mulder is an FBI Agent who graduated from Oxford University. He believes in the0 existence of a government conspiracy to hide the truth regarding them.
  • Gillian Anderson plays the character of Dana Scully. Dana Scully is also an FBI Agent, a scientist, and a medical doctor. She accompanied Mulder in the investigation. Scully is a skeptic and bases her beliefs on scientific explanations.
  • Robert Patrick plays the character of John Doggett. Doggett is also a special FBI Agent in the series. His first appearance is witnessed in season 8.
  • Annabeth Gish plays the character of Monica Reyes. Reyes is an FBI special agent. She was born and raised in Mexico. She graduated from Brown University and majored in folklore and mythology. She also received a Master’s degree in religious studies.
  • Mitch Pileggi plays the character of Walter Skinner. Skinner is also an FBI assistant director. He is Mulder and Scully’s direct supervisor.
  • William B. Davis plays the character of Cigarette Smoking Man.
  • Nicholas Lea plays the character of Alex Krycek.
  • Chris Owens plays the character of Jeffrey Spender
  • James Pickens Jr. plays the character of Alvin Kersh

The X-Files Season 12 Trailer

The X-Files Season 12 Plot

Even Duchovny has said that season 10 was not at all good, but he has promised fans that season 11 will be “significantly better” and that “we are all doing good work this time around.”

But the season premiere got a lot of backlash from fans when it was revealed that Scully’s son was not Mulder’s, but the Smoking Cigarettes Man’s. This was because the Smoking Cigarettes Man had taken Scully and gotten her pregnant with alien science a long time ago.

In the season finale, “My Struggle IV,” Mulder and Scully were in a race against time and find William (Miles Robbins) well before Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) could carry out his plan for a man-made disease.

William had found out that CSM, not Mulder, was his real father. After changing into Mulder, john confronted a CSM who didn’t know what was going on and told his sneaky dad to shoot him. CSM thought he would be killing Mulder, not William, so he did what he was told and put an arrow in William’s head.

The real Mulder got there just in time to see William fall lifelessly into the ocean. In his grief, he shot CSM as Scully ran to the scene.

Mulder was sad about losing his son, so Scully finally told him what she knew about where their “son” came from.

“He was something to try out. Born inside a laboratory,” she tried to tell Mulder. “I walked with him. I annoy him. I was never his mother, though.”

In the last few seconds of a episode, Mulder asked himself if lives are worth living even though he’d been wrong all these years about being a father.

Scully tried to pull him close and told him, “Mulder, you are going to be a dad.” A brief comment scene pinned onto the episode’s conclusion disclosed that William must have miraculously fully recovered himself from of the bullet wound.

Chris Carter said in defence of the twist ending: “Either people will love me or they will hate me. I think they’ll both have good reasons. It’s definitely among the most intriguing cliffhangers the show ever had.”

Fans, on the other hand, weren’t that impressed, and it seems that neither was Gillian Anderson, who, incredibly, tweeted a message just after finale that made it sound like she felt the same way as the fans.

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