The Worst of Evil Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Worst of Evil Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

With its newest addition, The Worst of Evil, Disney+ continues its expansion into the K-drama fandom and Hallyu Wave.

Fans have responded positively to Revenge for Others, Jung Hae-in’s science-fiction thriller Connect, and the streaming service’s August release Moving.

Fans have been anticipating The Worst of Evil for months after an April sneak preview revealed a tense relationship among Wi and Ji’s characters.

Wi’s global renown in Squid Game and Ji’s versatility between affectionate K-dramas and action roles have previously astounded fans.

The release date for the highly anticipated Korean drama The Worst of Evil has been officially announced as September 27, 2023. The crime series will be available on Disney+ for streaming.

The Worst of Evil is set against the setting of the 1990s and depicts the tales of covert law enforcement agents.

It delves deeply into the experiences of the agents as they infiltrate the vast criminal network responsible for illicit drug trafficking between South Korea, China, and Japan.

The Worst of Evil is a forthcoming criminal action drama in Disney Plus from South Korea. The Greatest Evil Korean Drama: Casting Confirmed Ji Chang-Wook portrays Park Joon-Mo, Wi Ha-Joon portrays Jung Ki-Cheol, and Lim Se-Mi portrays Yoo Ui-Jung.

Han Dong-Wook both directed and wrote the Korean drama. The release date of the Korean drama The Worst of Evil is September 27, 2023.

Watch Episode 1 of The Worst of Evil online. It can be broadcast on Disney Plus, the official network.

However, after The K2, his finest action performance to date, he ceased acting in action K-dramas because they were physically taxing.

However, fans were always excited to see him in great dramas such as The Sound of Magic, Suspicious Partner, and If You Wish Upon a Star.

Here is everything we know about Ji Chang Wook’s forthcoming Korean drama, The Worst of Evil.

The drama features a stellar cast, including Ji Chang-Wook, Im Se-Mi, and Wi Ha-Joon, three prominent figures in the Korean entertainment industry.

The Worst of Evil Release Date

The anticipated Korean drama starring Ji Chang Wook, The Worst of Evil, will premiere on Disney and Hulu on September 27, 2023.

The Worst of Evil Cast

Ji Chang-wook portrayed Park Joon-mo Wi Ha-joon portrayed Jung Gi-cheol Im Se-mi portrayed Yoo Eui-jung Bibi portrayed Hae-ryeon
Lee Shin-ki in the role of Seo Jong-ryeol

The Worst of Evil Trailer

The Worst of Evil Plot

In 1990s Seoul, The Worst in Evil focuses on police officer Park Jun-mo. An investigation compels him to go covert within a criminal organization, putting him on a difficult assignment.

Fans of Korean dramas adore a compelling criminal story that places the protagonists in a variety of perilous, mysterious, and secretive situations.

The expansion of a new high-end drug traffic between Korea, China, as well as Japan compels Jun-mo to meet Jung Gi-cheol.

Jun-mo joins Gi-cheol’s crew and searches for evidence, but an unexpected development complicates his plans.

Yoo Eui-jeong, his wife, is also a police officer and has volunteered to infiltrate the criminal organization.

As Eui-jeong has a history to the charismatic criminal leader, The Worst of Evil contains an additional surprise. It so occurs that she was his first passion.

This forthcoming drama, The Worst about Evil, will be released on September 27, 2023. Its genres include action, suspense, and crime.

While the precise episode count remains unknown, a key piece of information has been released alongside the plot: a first-look poster.

The initial intriguing ad for The Worst for Evil depicts a group of males congregated in a particular setting.

Among them are the two primary characters, Ji Chang-Wook and Wi Ha-Joon, who can be identified by their unusually colored blazer suits and somber facial expressions.

The Instagram account for Disney+ Korea shared this poster. Although Disney+ has not yet published an official trailer or teaser, this has released a fatal official poster, giving fans who have been anticipating the drama for over a year a visual preview.

In addition, according to the streamer’s plot details, the story takes place in the 1990s, which, while uncommon for a Korean action drama, will provide viewers with something sophisticated.

The narrative centers on Park Joon Mo (Ji Chang Wook), a police officer and she has been pursuing a criminal organization for a considerable amount of time.

In spite of his persistent efforts, they appear to be moving further and further away over time.

Park Joon Mo resolves to infiltrate the organization after discovering information about a former DJ who allegedly established a drug conspiracy with the city’s nightclubs as its primary source of income.

Park Joon Mo is an officer of the law. As part of a drug investigation, the narcotic trafficking between South Korea, China, and Japan is uncovered.

Park Joon Mo belongs to a criminal organization. Park Joon Mo is currently engaged to Yoo Ui Jung.

In addition, she is a police officer and becomes involved in her husband’s narcotics investigation.

Jung Ki Cheol is their companion. His charisma makes him the commander of a new criminal organization.

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