The Worst of Evil Episode 13 & 14 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Worst of Evil Episode 13 & 14 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In the Korean crime thriller series “The Worst of Evil,” which was created by Park Geun Beom with Han Dong Wook, a rural police officer along his wife are tasked with locating a drug-trafficking gang.

What follows is what? On September 27, 2023, “Worst of Evil,” a Disney+ original, debuted and immediately went viral! Seven episodes, each 45 to 60 minutes long, have already been made available.

Ji Chang-wook’s followers have been eagerly awaiting the debut of a new show in which he portrays the action hero we all adore since the explosive popularity of action operas like K2 and The Healer.

The Worst of Evil, a brand-new Disney original drama, is Chang-wook’s return to action. There will be 12 episodes in the series, each of which should last about 60 minutes.

The program, a criminal thriller with a 1990s setting, depicts the workings of a gangster group infamous for its drug trafficking.

Fans are highly interested in watching the action-packed bromance between Ji Chang-wook and Wi Ha-joon in the upcoming drama, which also features the actor of Squid Game and Little Women fame.

The first official poster for the brand-new Korean crime drama starring Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Joon, with Im Se Mi has just been unveiled.

With its intriguing representation of the major characters and the explosive energy of its three main cast members, the Korean drama “The Worst of Evil” will transport you to another thrilling adventure.

When will “The Worst of Evil,” a brand-new Korean drama starring Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Joon, with Im Se Mi, be released?

And where will the new drama be broadcast by the production team? Read the whole debate that follows to learn more.

Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-joon, and Im Se-mi play the main characters in this Korean action-crime-thriller TV series that Han Dong-wook is directing. Jang Min-suk is the series’ writer.

In the drama If They Wish Upon Me from 2022, Chang-wook played Yoon Gyeo-rye; in Little Women from 2022, Ha-joon played Choi Do-il; and in The Empire from 2022, Se-mi played Yoon Eun-Mi, an SBC reporter.

Wi Ha-joon, who has roles in The 18 Again, Romance Is a Bonus Book, the Squid Games (2021), plays Jung Gi-cheol in the show.

The drama centers on a tough and courageous undercover police officer risking everything to infiltrate a gang to look into a drug cartel.

The Worst of Evil Episode 13 & 14 Release Date

Mark October 25, 2023, in your calendars because “The Worst of Evil” episodes 13 and 14 will air through the Disney channel.

The Worst of Evil Episode 13 & 14 Cast

  • Seunghyun Ji as Do Hyung Seok
  • Ji Chang-wook as Park Joon-mo
  • Wi Ha-joon as Jung Ki-cheol
  • Im She-mi as Yoo Eui-jung
  • Im Sung-jae as Choi Jeong-bae
  • Geum Gwang-san as Baby

The Worst of Evil Episode 13 & 14 Trailer

The Worst of Evil Episode 13 & 14 Plot

The protagonists of our story are introduced in the 1990s during the Korean television television drama “The Worst of Evil.”

The organization’s leader Jung Gi-cheol, a former DJ turned gangster, with a rural police officer named Park Jun-mo are both being sought out for their criminal actions.

Together, Park Joon-mo, Jung Gi-cheol, & Yoo Eui-jung travel down the road of the love triangle while making every effort to keep their professional identities a secret!

The drama is set in Seoul in the early 1990s, when the police have just learned of a criminal organization that has lately made headlines for selling the potent new narcotic “Gangnam Crystal” in the city’s nightclubs.

Park Jun-mo, a detective himself, is horrified to learn that Yoo Eui-jung, his wife, has chosen to work with him to find the mafia king.

But if we take a look at the seasons that came before, one can pretty much guess what will happen in episodes 10, 11, and 12.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers may anticipate seeing more of the charismatic connection between the hero and the antagonist.

Gi-Chul and Eui-jeong’s affectionate bond will be highlighted in “The Worst of Evil” episodes 10, 11, and 12 since the long-lost pair spends most of their lives together.

Gi-cheul and Eui-jeong’s developing romance was hinted at in the series’ final episodes as they grew further closer.

Gi-cheul and Hae-ryun had a phone conversation to start the sixth episode discussing their upcoming rendezvous.

As the scene shifts, we see Gi-cheul couple Eui-jeong reflecting on their previous union.

Gi-chul’s plans, however, do not go as expected because the Japanese now wish to conduct business only with the Chinese, displacing the Koreans.

Gi-cheul reminds his sweetheart of the promise he made to her when both of them were kids: that he would marry her and become prosperous!

Later, Gi-cheul contacts Hae-ryun and talks about his desire to increase their imports rather than those from Japan.

Our hero is further perplexed when Hae-ryun departs without providing any confirmation regarding the same.

Oyama phones Gi-cheul and requests a meeting while the police look for the gang and try to find them.

Gi-cheul and Jun-mo run into the police as they travel to see Oyama. The officers try to get information from them about the Yankees, while Gi-cheul purposely ignores them.

When they got to the hotel, Jun-mo had trouble getting through the check-in process since he was concealing a recording equipment in his pocket.

However, once the detectives sound the fire alarm, everything starts to happen, giving Jun-mo the opportunity to flee.

In the final episode of this series, Hae-ryun and Jun-mo are at a restaurant, and the former is trying to persuade the latter to keep working with Gi-chul.

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