Invasion Season 2 Episode 10: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Know Far

With just one episode remaining in the second season of Invasion, the series has built to a climactic conclusion. Regardless matter what happens in the last episode, the creators of the alien drama on Apple TV+ are holding out hope that the series will continue for at least one more season.

While a third season has not been officially announced, Kinberg has been “working on the script” and says it would be like “a hurricane” in an interview with He also said that he’d like to see the program continue for two more seasons, so if that happens, what viewers have seen thus far is only the beginning.

Invasion Season 2

In comparison to the first season, the stakes are much higher in the continuing second run, with the mystery extraterrestrial species posing an even greater danger to our main protagonists as mankind teeters on the edge of all-out war with their new companions. When will the next episode be available to the public? Here you can find the most up-to-date information on the Invasion release date for Apple TV+.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date

On Wednesday, October 25th, don’t forget to tune in to the season finale of Invasion, themed “Old Friends, New Frontiers.”As the future of mankind hangs in the balance, this new episode promises to be an exciting voyage for fans. Our favorite characters confront their greatest struggle yet as the plot summary teases a dangerous operation that might be humanity’s final chance.

The scene has been set for an epic clash, and viewers can anticipate nonstop action, surprising turns, and a mounting feeling of urgency right up until the last frame. Don’t miss this important episode that will have viewers wondering what will happen next.

Invasion Season 2 Cast

Season 2 of Invasion features the return to the battlefield of Golshifteh Farahani, Shioli Kutsuna, Shamier Anderson, and the rest of the survivors from the alien onslaught. New regulars include Enver Gjokaj, Nedra Marie Taylor, and Naian González Norvind. Nedra Marie Taylor, who plays Rose Callaway, and Naian González Norvind, who plays Maya Castillo, are two of the newcomers.

Season 2 of Invasion cast list:

  • Golshifteh Farahani as Aneesha Malik
  • Shamier Anderson as Trevante Cole
  • Shioli Kutsuna as Mitsuki Yamato
  • Tara Moayedi as Sarah Malik
  • Daisuke Tsuji as Kaito Kawaguchi
  • Billy Barratt as Casper Morrow
  • Azhy Robertson as Luke Malik
  • Emeline Lambert as Dr. Esmee Gagneux
  • Alex Dower as Major Dubois
  • India Brown as Jamila Huston
  • Paddy Holland as Monty Cuttermill
  • Enver Gjokaj as Clark Evans
  • Nedra Marie Taylor as Rose Callaway
  • Naian González Norvind as Maya Castillo

Invasion Season 2 Story

The second season of ‘Invasion’ follows up months after the devastating events of the first, when things have deteriorated to a critical point. The aliens have caused widespread destruction, wiping off whole countries and placing humankind in permanent danger. The program explores the global effects of the alien invasion while also delving deeply into the protagonists’ individual plights.

In the middle of all the destruction and anarchy, the protagonists must deal with the mundane tasks of staying alive and keeping their faith. They fight against all obstacles by keeping their sights set on the future and the safety of their loved ones.

However, as the plot progresses, they face more perilous challenges that put their strength and resolve to the test. Invasion expertly weaves together large-scale devastation and the personal difficulties of its individuals to create a riveting story that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 9 Ending

While Mitsuki investigates the aliens’ communication style, Caspar and Jamila debate what they should do next. She reflects on how she has repeatedly followed his lead, despite having other options. She is now opposed to his vanishing once again. She also has no desire to just release him. For the sake of the larger good, however, he continues with the procedure nevertheless. At the same time, Maya discovers an unusual signal pattern inside the facility, which they interpret as the ship’s attempt at communication.

Maya sets out into the woods to look for Mitsuki, who has apparently disappeared. By that time, Mitsuki is trying to make sense of the connections between various events. At the hive’s touch, she discovers a method to merge with the bees. By following the resultant beam of light, she is transported to another realm.

The woman reaches out and touches something, revealing a hidden person. A voice addresses her directly. Caspar owns it. She says she saw him in the gateway and wonders whether he’s genuine. To this end, he says he is. As they talk, they both get the impression that the portals go back to the mother ship. Mitsuki has made a major finding in this area.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 10 Plot 

Two strong women, Aneesha and Sarah, will be locked up in the shadow of the military jail while Rose and Trevante stealthily escape. The brave members of the Movement, led by Clark, will plan a daring escape together, meeting up again outside the main part of the facility to avoid detection.

The group’s objective is to confer and devise a strategy for its next move. Because of the gravity of the situation, only Clark, Ryder, and Luke will continue the search for atonement. They’ll go it alone, returning over the perilous route they came on.

Mitsuki, who is endowed with visions, will reveal her mysterious foresight to Maya as the two of them plan their course ahead. Whether or not Mitsuki will return to the mothership and whether or not they will find the means to defeat the extraterrestrial danger is an open issue.

And in France, a mysterious observer named Caspar will share his insights with the assembled youth. They will build a unique quest to determine their future together. As the epic drama progresses, the stories’ destiny will inevitably cross, culminating in a stunning Invasion Season 2 Episode 10.

Invasion Season 2 Episode Lists

  • Episode 01: “Something’s Changed” – August 23, 2023
  • Episode 02: “Chasing Ghosts” – August 30, 2023
  • Episode 03: “Fireworks” – September 6, 2023
  • Episode 04: “The Tunnel” – September 13, 2023
  • Episode 05: “A Voice From the Other Side” – September 20, 2023
  • Episode 06: “Pressure Points – September 27, 2023
  • Episode 07: “Down the Rabbit Hole” – October 4, 2023
  • Episode 08: “Cosmic Ocean” – October 11, 2023
  • Episode 09: “Breakthrough” – October 18, 2023
  • Episode 10: “Old Friends, New Frontiers” – October 25, 2023

Invasion Season 2 Trailer

On July 26, 2023, a trailer for season 2 of The Invasion was released. Given how lethal these aliens are, human survival seems doubtful at best. We were told that this conflict would be epic, after all.

It’s been four months after the original assault, and now humans are seeking to establish contact with the aliens, who have established a stronger presence on Earth. The continuation of the human race depends on the possibility of bargaining.

Where to watch Invasion Season 2?

The second season of Invasion is only available with an Apple TV Plus subscription.

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