The World Ends with You: the challenge begins in the first trailer of the anime scheduled for 2021

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In recent times, the animation market has started to get closer and closer to the videogame field, starting to propose to the public television adaptations inspired by the original counterpart. In this regard, the anime of The World Ends with You.

On the occasion of the last Anime Expo Lite, the Square Enix franchise was a guest of the event to announce one animated transposition of the video game of the same name coming in 2021. The news caught unawares many fans of the saga who did not expect a television adaptation, especially after rumors about the Kingdom Hearts TV series for Disney +.

Well, then, the iconic adventure in Shibuya moves to the small screen. And what better time to show muscle to fans than with a first teaser trailer, the same that you can admire at the top of the news. Kazuya Ichikawa will take control of the direction of the anime while Midori Goto will take care of the script. The character design, however, is handled by the same Tetsuya Nomura and from Gen Kobayashi, with the sound behavior entrusted to Takeharu Ishimoto. If this is the first time you approach the franchise, the plot follows:

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"Neku, a graffiti-loving teenager, receives a message on the phone that warns him that he will be canceled within seven days if he fails to complete a series of sinister homework. Together with a mysterious girl called Shiki, Neku will have to venture into the unknown, find out the dark truth behind his situation and defeat the shady Reaper group. "

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