The Witcher Series is Releasing on Netflix? Release Date, Cast, and What will Happen?

Netflix’s Fantasy Book Series “The Witcher” is Going To Release Soon. Thrilling Look of Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia:

Netflix has Adopted the Sci-Fi Fantasy Book Series “The Witcher”. Nowadays, Creators are making these Amazing Series and Games from the Novels. Fans of “The Witcher” Game have already started to describe this series as a competitor to the Series “Game of Thrones”.

Netflixs the witcher tv series
Netflixs the witcher tv series

Netflix describes this series like The Witcher Geralt who is a Mutated Monster that struggles to find his place in the world. That world is full of people who prove themselves more wicked than the beasts.

This series is shaping up the actor Henry who has previously shown his talent in “The Defenders”, “Daredevils”, and “The West Wing”. The Story follows around Geralt of Rivia who hunts down the mythical Monsters for Money. But in spite of being a monster hunter, he helps those in need as he travels to the Fictional Land.

Release Date of “The Witcher”?

Even Though The Witcher is not yet Released, It is creating a Hype between the Fans. Fans are eagerly waiting all around the world for the premiere of  Series “The Witcher”.

You will be happy to know that the series will be releasing soon this year. Witcher Fansite has found some intel on the release date. Netflix’s Netherlands account has tweeted on September 11 that the premiere is only 97 days away.

So we can predict that The Release Date of “The Witcher” is going to be December 17, 2019. But the Netflix did not Officially disclose the Premiere Date. So this premiere date can vary.

Well, Whatever Date is chosen for the premiere. It is sure that the wait for “The Witcher” will be Worth it. Believe us You might not have to wait longer for it.

Who is in The Star Cast?

Of Course, the lead role will be played by none other than Superman himself.

“Henry Cavill” as “Geralt of Rivia”

“Anya Chalotra” as “Yennefer”

“Freya Allan” as “Ciri”(Princess of Cintra)

“Jodhi May” as “Queen Calanthe”

“Adam Levy” as “Mousesack”

“Therica Wilson-Read” as “Sabrina”

Well, there are many talented actors who are willing to work day and night in the shooting. Because of the hard work of the team, The series will be a tremendous hit all over the world.

What can happen in the series?

In the Series, Roach, Geralt’s Loyal Horse will also play an important role. Geralt is a Monster Hunter(Known as Witcher) who hunts for Money.

The Series will mainly focus on the relationship between Geralt and Ciri while the hunt for Mythical Beasts goes on. Geralt is skilled in Magic and Swordfight.

The Series will be full of Adventure, So it is worth to wait for.

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