The Walking Dead: Negan’s spin-off is getting closer

Spin-offs are something that we all like and terrify in equal measure. They can be very good (see Frasier regarding Cheers) or they can be questionable. The Walking Dead He already has one: Fear the Walking Dead, which with the passage of time did not end so well stopped, but the next one that can be generated is one based on nothing less than the favorite secondary of all fans: Negan.

In fact, in the Conan program they asked Jeffrey Dean Morgan what vision he had about a possible series and this has been his answer, according to Comicbook.

“We’ll see. But yeah, it’s being talked about. I think we’re thinking of a couple different ideas, but we already have dialogue about continuing Negan’s story. You know, we’ve done the” Here’s Negan “story, which would be sort of the prequel and how Negan became this guy and both my wife and I thought it was great. It was great. We had a lot of fun, and I think the episode went well. ”

Glenn actor Steven Yeun recently spoke about how the pandemic failed to prepare him for the pandemic and lockdown on the same show. In the actor’s words: “I am one of those who have been lucky: we have a house, a family and it was wonderful to have all that. But what is crazy about the pandemic is that the battlefield is ourselves, you know what? I mean? You have to find who you are at that time, and there is much to refine within us … ”

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