The Terror Season 3: Did The Show Get Renewed?

The Terror is an American anthology series of horror films shown on AMC. On March 25, 2018, the opening episode of the psychological thriller made its debut. The program successfully combines the genres of horror and historical drama. The first season was dedicated to a fictitious tale of Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost Arctic expedition in the years 1845–1848.

In the second season, which was co-created by “Kong: Skull Island” writer Max Borenstein and “True Blood” writer Alexander Woo, the action moves to a Japanese internment camp in Southern California during the war. Remarking on the program, critics said things like, “A thriller wrapped in a prestige drama package, ‘The Terror’ makes for gripping, atmospheric supernatural horror.” Will there be a third season of The Terror? The show has been really popular thus far. What is it?

The Terror Season 3 Renewal Status

AMC has not yet given the green light for Terror to return for a third season, but that does not indicate it won’t. The third season of The Terror might be revealed as soon as the fourth episode of the second season airs. AMC will ultimately make their choice based on the show’s ratings, as season 2 of The Terror: Infamy has seen a significant drop when compared to season 1.

The Terror Season Recap

Season one of ‘The Terror’ is inspired by real events and centers on the British Royal Navy. In this tale, we accompany the Navy on their quest to locate the Northwest Passage. The HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror are the two ships that will make the journey. The 129 guys who set out never return. During their journey, they come across previously unexplored land. As the Arctic winter draws to a close, the crew finds itself in a dire predicament, where they must contend with depleting supplies, diminishing hope for life, and the terror of a mysterious creature. The frozen survivors are trapped at the conclusion of the earth with no way to contact the outside world. The guys are fighting for their lives, and the drama focuses on the misery of survival they must endure at the hands of both each other and themselves.

The name of the next season of “The Terror” is “Infamy.” The program is about a young man’s quest to comprehend and defeat the malicious entity responsible for a string of mysterious deaths that plagued a Japanese-American neighborhood during World War II.

The Terror Season Cast

Season 1


  • Jared Harris as Captain Francis Crozier, Commanding Officer, HMS Terror, and Expedition Second-in-Command
  • Tobias Menzies as Commander James Fitzjames, Executive Officer, HMS Erebus
  • Paul Ready as Assistant Surgeon Harry Goodsir, HMS Erebus
  • Adam Nagaitis as Caulker’s Mate Cornelius Hickey, HMS Terror
  • Ian Hart as Sailing Master Thomas Blanky, HMS Terror
  • Nive Nielsen as Lady Silence, a Netsilk woman
  • Ciarán Hinds as Captain Sir John Franklin, Commanding Officer, HMS Erebus, and Expedition Leader

Season 2


  • Derek Mio as Chester Nakayama (born Taizo Tanabe)
  • Kiki Sukezane as Yuko Tanabe
  • Cristina Rodlo as Luz Ojeda
  • Shingo Usami as Henry Nakayama
  • Naoko Mori as Asako Nakayama
  • Miki Ishikawa as Amy Yoshida
  • George Takei as Nobuhiro Yamato

The Terror Season 3 Story Details

The Nakayama family’s experience with the yurei has concluded and will not be revisited, since The Terror is an anthology series. And because seasons 1 and 2 of The Terror have such divergent narratives, it’s still unknown what season 3 might focus on. However, AMC had already decided on the plot of season 2 before it announced it. If season 3 of The Terror does materialize, then viewers are not required to wait a long time for the next story.

The Terror Season 3 Release Date

After more than a year after the series finale on October 14, 2019, fans are eagerly awaiting the renewal and return of the show with season 3. The news, however, is likely to be disappointing, given no official details about the third chapter have been revealed. There has been no word on whether or not The Terror will be renewed by the show’s creators or AMC. Sarah Barnett, AMC’s president, has expressed enthusiasm for the release of Season 3. but denied any claims.
Sarah stated that they aren’t interested in having to perform the same things over and over again, which means that the show is probably going to be canceled and has even less of a chance of airing. Perhaps then, the third season will provide something new. It usually takes a year or more to film an anthology series. If and when we learn more about season 3 of The Terror, we will share that information with you here. The formal statement won’t be released until then.

Where can I watch The Terror?

You can catch it on AMC.

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