The Stranded Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

Netflix is the go-to site for streaming movies and series from a wide variety of areas, cultures, languages, and nations. As one of the best entertainment providers in the world, it has an extensive library of performances from across the globe. The Stranded is the first Thai production to premiere on Netflix. The Asian horror staples are all here in ‘Kweng,’ also known as ‘The Stranded,’ along with some sci-fi drama. This is a must-watch if you are the kind of person who spends hours poring through online rankings of things like the top Thai, Korean, or Japanese horror films.

In addition to being a delight for horror and thriller aficionados, there are additional reasons to find ‘The Stranded’ intriguing. I’m sure you all remember the movie “Shutter.” The Thai masterpiece that kept everyone up for days Well, ‘The Stranded’ is directed by Sophon Sakdaphisit, one of the film’s screenwriters. The show’s first season got mixed reviews. The issue now is, whether there will be a second season of Stranded? Let’s take a short look at the series’s specifics, and then we’ll dive into that question.

The Stranded Season 2 Cast


  • Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote (Beam) as Kraam
  • Chutavuth Pattarakampol (March) as Anan
  • Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang (Oab) as Joey
  • Chayanit Chansangavej (Pat) as May
  • Kittisak Patomburana (Jack) as Ice
  • Ticha Wongthipkanon as Ying
  • Chaleeda Gilbert as Arisa
  • Chanya McClory as Nahm
  • Sinjai Plengpanich as Professor Lin
  • Tanapon Sukumpantanasan (Perth) as Krit
  • Pamiga Sooksawee (Pam) as Jan
  • Siwat Jumlongkul (Mark) as Jack
  • Pawin Kulkaranyawich (Win) as Nat
  • Tatchapol Thitiapichai (Tan) as Gun


  • Winai Kraibutr as Kraam’s Father/Kraam’s Stepfather
  • Sarunyoo Wongkrachang (Tua) as Anan’s Father
  • Hattaya Wongkrachang (Ple) as Anan’s Mother
  • Sasithorn Panichnok as Kraam’s Mother
  • Thanchanok Jaroenput as Baby Kraam
  • Teerapop Songwaj as 7 year old Kraam
  • Nichaphat Chatchaipholrat (Pearwah) as Mint (Northern kids)
  • Sahajak Boonthanakit as Ice’s Father
  • Ornanong Panyawong as May’s Mother
  • Naphath Vikairungroj (Na) as May’s Admirer
  • Khwanruedi Klamklom as Nahm’s Mother
  • Suphasawatt Purnaveja as Nahm’s Father
  • Iris Chieblam as Young Nahm

The Stranded Storyline

The story centers on a young man of 18 years old. He and 35 other people are stranded on an island when a tsunami hits. They learn quickly that they are on their own and that help is not on the way. Karam takes the initiative to ensure that nobody is hurt. The remainder of the program centers on the survivors and their efforts to free themselves.

The Stranded Season 2 Plot

There are a lot of questions that need to be resolved in ‘The Stranded’ season 2. Is Kraam truly trapped here, or is something strange happening in this new world? Moreover, what can we expect from Anan’s administration? How long will it take for this furious crowd to cool off and come to their senses about where Anan is heading them, and what kind of laws will he impose on his subjects?

Who knows where Arisa, Nahm, Ice, and Ying have disappeared to? Will they return to help their companions? The lad who has imprisoned May is full of anger and venom; what will May do now that she is pregnant and in his custody? The true identity of Kraam’s parents and the nature of the island itself will be revealed in season two. Who were these people, and why did they abandon him with his adoptive dad? And what exactly does the dagger represent?

The Stranded Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Stranded premiered on Netflix on November 14, 2019. Since viewers and reviewers alike enjoyed Season 1 of Stranded so much, the creators have decided to release a second installment. The Stranded devotees can’t wait for the next season to premiere. Since a second season of The Stranded has not been officially announced, no information about it is currently available. The producers have not officially canceled the program, so there is still hope for a second season of Stranded.

The Stranded Season 2 Episodes

Since the first season of The Stranded consisted of 7 episodes, it’s possible that the second season may follow suit. That means the following section will have at least seven separate assaults.

Where can I watch The Stranded Season 2?

The Stranded, season 1, is now streaming on Netflix. The second season of Stranded, should it returns, will also likely premiere on the same over-the-top (OTT) service.

The Stranded Season Rating and Review


I can assure you if you have never watched the series and are curious about its quality, that it is rather nice! The show has a respectable 6.3/10 on IMDb and a 73% average rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, in my opinion, this is a worthwhile program. Read the reviews of others who saw it after you if you’re still on the fence.


It had all the makings of a great story, and I was enjoying it up until the very end. The characters went through phases of hormonal adolescent melodrama, but they did it with somewhat less obvious foolishness than American teenagers would have. Furthermore, there was a substantial amount of setup for an enormous climax, and the climax itself made little sense. I don’t see why that’s how the future should be.

However, most significantly, Why were so many key players lobbying for an outcome that seemed to leave everyone feeling let down? To what end would you seek that? That resolution served no one’s interests. The series finale fell flat on its face.

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