The Silent Sea Season 2: Is It Even Happening

The Silent Sea Season 2: Is It Even Happening

2021 has definitely been a successful year for the South Korean entertainment industry. We had some of the best K-dramas released on Netflix trending worldwide. The rise indeed started from the premiere of The Squid and was later joined by shows like Hellhound.

We also had another hit K-drama, The Silent sea. Although the success wasn’t as big as The Squid Game or Hellhound, The Silent sea was a big show for Netflix. In around 88 countries, the show is listed in the top 10 global charts.

The streaming giant is always optimistic about bringing hit shows back for another season or two. So, when are we expecting The Silent Sea season 2?

The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date

The Silent Sea is a Korean Sci-fi drama adapted from the short film The Sea Of Tranquillity, directed by Choi Hang-young in 2014. The show revolves around a futuristic world where climate change has become a big issue.

To resolve the issue of desertification, a group of astronauts set out for the moon to retrieve samples that can help reverse the effects. When they arrive at the station, blizzard things are occurring, and it seems to be the bigger mystery.

Now, will the astronauts be able to save Earth from the clutches of climate change? Will they return to the planet with any legitimate solution? We have to look forward to The Silent sea, which premiered on Netflix on 24th December 2021.

When is The Silent Sea season 2 premiering on Netflix?

In all honesty, we can expect a confirmed release date for the second season of The Silent Sea just yet. It has barely been a month since the premiere of season 1, and Netflix has not given us an announcement for the renewal.

Hence, we cannot estimate the time of release just yet. However, given that the Sci-Fi thriller has been quite a banger, we are sure that the streaming giant would renew the show for season 2. Nonetheless, it won’t be until 2023 that we can receive a trailer.

The Silent Sea season 2 cast

When the show aired on 24th December, fans were excited to watch actors like Gong-yoo and Heo Sung-Tae from The Squid Game. However, we cannot surely tell if all the cast members would return. By the finale, we see that majority of the characters are dead.

There were three characters left including Doctor Song, Luna, and Doctor Hong. Hence, predicting a new cast is out of the question right now. However, we believe that there will be characters for season 2.

Final Words

As we see, The Silent Sea is far from a renewal. There’s practically no news about any continuation from the team or Netflix. However, it is a new direction for Korean dramas to enter the Sci-Fi genre.

Also, we are confident that Netflix will make some announcements soon enough. Moreover, there are many stories to cover and mysteries to resolve. So, there’s no way we won’t get The Silent Sea season 2.

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