The School Nurse Files Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The School Nurse Files Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The show is about a school nurse named Ahn Eun-young who can see feelings, desires, or even ghosts in the form of “jellies.” She kills jelly monsters all day long with her toy sword, which seems to be everywhere, to keep those who are around her safe.

This renders her appear like a crazy, strange woman, of course. One day, she needs to meet Hong In-Pyo, a teacher who has a strange energy field that keeps the jellies away from him. Let us just find out what’s going to happen after the first season is over in September 2020.

The second season of one of the greatest comedy fantasy shows and films is out. Yes, the School Nurse Files, a unique South Korean web series, is home with a second season to blow your mind again with its great plot. This TV show is based on the novel Nurse Ahh Euh-young by Chung Serang. It was a novel that won an award in 2015.

This story was written by both Chung Serang as well as Lee Kyoung-mi. This show has done so well with viewers because Lee Kyoung-mi is in charge of it.

It was shown for the first time on Netflix on September 25, 2020. The fantastic fantasy that is described in this series is now getting a lot of attention. The Media spotlight of the show is also the way the main characters get along with each other.

It’s hard to say if The School Nurse Files or any of the other humourous fantasy shows is the cuter K-drama. Ahn Eun-young is a school nurse capable of recognizing “jellies,” which are emotional projections that could be anything from wants to ghosts.

She spends most of her time having killed jelly creatures with her toy sword, all the while attempting to keep this same person around her safe.

This makes it easy to think she’s a strange as well as possibly troubled woman. One day, she meets Hong In-Pyo, a college professor who can’t get sick from the jellies because a hidden energy field protects him.

We looked at the social media accounts of the show’s creators and actors and based on what we saw, it’s safe to say that Netflix has canceled Season 2 of The School Nurse Files. There is no news at all about the next season, and it’s likely not going to be renewed on Netflix.

But because it is a fairly new show, there is a chance that another company will pick it up even though Netflix is just no longer functioning with it.

The School Nurse Files is a fantasy k-drama show that is exclusive to Netflix. It was created as well as written by Chung Serang, and Lee Kyung Mi is in charge of the show’s direction. The television series was centered on the same-named book by Serang.

The School Nurse Files Season 2 Release Date

Will season 2 be the last one of The School Nurse Files? We should have seen it at the same time on Friday, Sept. 22, 2023. Here’s what we know about Jung Se Rang’s new fantasy part.

The School Nurse Files Season 2 Cast


  • Jung Yu-mi as Ahn Eun-young, a school nurse who can see jellies
  • Nam Joo-hyuk as Hong In-pyo, a Classical Chinese teacher with a special energy field protecting him from jellies


  • Lee Joo-young as Han Ah-reum, Life Sciences teacher.
  • Kim Mi-soo as Hwang Ga-young, In-pyo’s elementary school classmate.
  • Go Youn-jung as Choi Yoo-jin
  • Teo Yoo as Mr. Mackenzie, English teacher.

Mongeon High School Students

  • Park Hye-Eun as Sung A-ra “Jellyfish”
  • Lee Suk-hyung as Min-woo, student.
  • Choi Joon-young as Kim Kang-sun, Eun-young’s middle school classmate.
  • Hyun Woo-seok as Seung-kwon, student.
  • Kwon Young-chan as Lee Ji-hyung, student.
  • Park Se-jin as Jang Radi, student.
  • Song Hee-joon as Baek Hye-min, student.
  • Shim Dal-gi as Heo Wan-soo, student.

Special appearances

  • Lee Jong-won as Student.
  • Jeon Gook-hwan as Hong Jin-beam, Monglyeon High School founder and In-pyo’s grandfather.
  • Moon So-ri as Hwa-soo, director of the acupuncture institute and Eun-young’s friend.

The School Nurse Files Season 2 Trailer

While we wait to hear about season 2, let’s watch the trailer for season 1. Netflix lets you watch “The School Nurse Files” online.

The School Nurse Files Season 2 Plot

Ahn Eun-young is indeed a school nurse who can see people’s thoughts, feelings, and spirits as “jellies.” Certain of these jellies could indeed turn into dangerous monsters.

Ahn is put in charge of a fresh high school where strange things are happening. She tries to figure out what’s going on with these strange cases with the help of a college instructor, Hong In-pyo, who has a special energy around him that keeps jellyfish away.

Just at end of the series, when Eun-Young found out that she could once again see through jelly, she was upset. She goes to the renovated school property and sees that the students look healthier. Radi keeps rising to Eun-Young as well as asking for help as he thinks about dropping out of school.

Radi’s mother can see the ghosts that are in the house. When it is said that someone else has the same skills as she does, Eun-Young smiles. If the show gets picked for an additional season, we would like to understand more about the personality with similar powers to Eun-Young as well as the history of the ghosts.

The best things about this Korean drama are how the main actress acts and how well she and the other actors get along. So, if we do get a second episode in 2021, we expect that the same group of actors will come back to play the same roles.

Below are the names of the performers who could be in the next season. Playing Ahn Eun-young is Jung Yu- Jung. Nam Joo-Hyuk plays the part of Hong In-Pyo.

Ahn Eun-young, a school nurse, is the main character of the story. She has a supernatural ability to do what other people want. She has the same kind of spirit, drive, and feelings as jelly.

The story shows that everyone can do both good and bad things. She was sent to a school where strange things were happening, and she utilized her superhuman powers to find out what was going on.

Professor Hong In-Pyo, who was his partner, had her on his side. At last, they both tried to figure out what was going on. There will be a lot of exciting new things for the two main characters to deal with. You’ll be interested in the couple’s strange story right up until the last scene.

Here, we talk about everything else that went on in Season 2. We don’t know what will happen in 2021, if there is a Season 2, of this fantasy drama.

There is nothing but more mystery, that also Ahn Eun-young and Hong In-Pyo would then definitely solve. So, both of the main characters will have a lot of new and exciting things happen to them.

The couple is involved in a fantasy drama which will keep you intrigued to the end of the book. After that, we talked about what we should expect in season two.

As if this fantasy drama will have a second season in 2021, we don’t know what’s going to occur in the next season. Only more strange things will happen, that also Ahn Eun-young as well as Hong In-Pyo will surely figure out.

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