The Royal Tutor by Higasa Akai ready to end, the final chapter arrives in May

The latest issue of the monthly G Fantasy of Square Enix announces that The Royal Tutor, the shonen manga of Higasa Akai, will definitively conclude in the next issue, to be released on May 18, 2021. The next issue of the magazine will dedicate the cover to Akai’s work, and will include a color page and a poster size B3 (62x93cm) drawn by the author.

The Royal Tutor therefore ends after seven and a half years of serialization, with a total of 15 Volumes and 93 chapters published. The work received a 12-episode anime adaptation curated by Studio Bridge in 2017 and an original anime film in 2019, both available for free and with Italian subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Higasa Akai has been working on the manga continuously for nearly eight years, taking a single short break in 2020 to work on. Disney Twisted Wonderland Anthology Comic, for which he drew one of the stories. The author has not yet revealed her future plans, so the possibility of seeing sequels or spin-offs cannot be ruled out.

In Italy the manga of The Royal Tutor is still unpublished, but it is possible that in the future one of the publishing houses will decide to bring it, especially considering that the series is now complete. Waiting to find out more we leave you with the trailer for the original film of The Royal Tutor, which we recommend to all fans of historical comedies to recover as soon as possible.

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