The Rain Season 3 the Third and Final Episode

The Rain Season 3 the Third and Final Episode

The good news is that Netflix is airing The Rain Season 3 soon. The Danish series storylines based around a group of people who are trying to escape a deadly virus caused by the rain.

The Rain Season 3
The Rain Season 3

While many people found shelter in bunkers, there are not enough supplies to keep all of them alive. Therefore, they still need to go outside to fight battles of survival. 

When will the Rain Season 3 Be Released? 

Firstly, if you love science fiction and a young adult, you will love the Rain series. As mentioned, it is about survival and finding a safe world to live. 

Currently, season two is showing and the third season’s confirmed date is by early 2020 — furthermore, the official release you can also find on the Netflix and Facebook pages as well. 

The fact is that fans are already excited and talking about it on Twitter. Related to the cast of the Rain, you can expect all the old characters as many starts have confirmed their roles.

Some of the actors are Alba August (in the role of Simone) and Rasmus (playing the role Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen.) Moreover, all the surviving people in season two will return in the Rain season 3. 

One person who will not be returning is the role of Lea played by Jessica Dinnage. The reason (spoiler alert) is that Lea sacrifices her life to save Simone. 

So what will the plot be behind the 3rd season? We can expect it will be if the survivors stop the virus or not. If the producers do not cover it in the series, you can expect a season four. 

The Rain Season 3 Trailer 

While the trailer of the Rain season 3 release dates not confirmed yet, you will have to wait for 2020 to arrive. So if you want to watch an engaging story try to catch up with the series and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming season. You will not be disappointed.

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