The Politician Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far

The comedy-drama series “The Politician” on Netflix is about a rich and ambitious high school student named Payton Hobart. He is on a mission to reach his one true goal of becoming President of the United States by following the lives of past Presidents. Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan made the show, which was praised for its production design, vibrant cinematography, powerful soundtrack, fashionable costumes, and talented cast members’ electrifying performances.

Even though critics had mixed feelings about the show, it was still nominated for two Golden Globes. Fans must’ve been wondering: Will there be a “The Politician” season 3? Season 2 just came out, and fans liked it. Let’s find out!

The Politician Season 3 Renewal Status

Season 3 has not been confirmed by Netflix yet. But Ryan Murphy, who runs the show, has already said what he wants to do for a third season. Murphy told Collider that he would be very interested in making a third season. It will be the last, which is sad. Murphy said, “I’d like to do it, and I think everyone involved would probably like to do three seasons in total.”

About The Politician Series

Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan came up with the idea for the TV show “Politician.” After its September 2019 debut on Netflix, two seasons have been made available. The main character of the show is Payton Hobart, a rich college student from Santa Barbara, California, who wants to become President of the United States. In the first season, the focus is on his campaign for high school student body president. In the second season, he runs for a seat in the New York State Senate, which shows his political goals.

The production values, acting, and sharp political satire of the show have won it praise. But it’s also been criticized for how it shows mental illness and how it makes rich characters look like they have it easy.

The Politician Season 3 Cast

  • Ben Platt as Payton Hobart
  • Zoey Deutch as Infinity Jackson
  • Lucy Boynton as Astrid Sloan
  • Bob Balaban as Keaton Hobart
  • David Corenswet as River Barkley
  • Julia Schlaepfer as Alice Charles
  • Laura Dreyfuss as McAfee Westbrook
  • Theo Germaine as James Sullivan
  • Rahne Jones as Skye Leighton
  • Benjamin Barrett, as Ricardo
  • Jessica Lange as Dusty Jackson
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Georgina Hobart
  • Judith Light as Dede Standish
  • Bette Midler as Hadassah Gold


  • Ryan J. Haddad as Andrew Cashman
  • Kobi Kumi-Diaka as Pierre Toussaint
  • Trevor Mahlon Eason as Martin Hobart
  • Trey Eason as Luther Hobart
  • Natasha Ofili as Principal Vaughn
  • B.K. Cannon as Kris
  • Martina Navratilova as Brigitte
  • Dylan McDermott as Theo Sloan

The Politician Season 3 Plot

The second season starts three years after the first season ends. Payton is now 22 years old and wants to get into the New York State Senate. To do this, he needs to beat Dede Standish, who is the majority leader. Payton meets up with James, McAfee, Skye, and Alice, who are all on his team. Astrid works as a waitress in a local restaurant, and Alice left her future husband at the altar to be with Payton. Astrid spills the beans about Standish’s shady love life and tells the gang that she is in a three-way marriage, which Payton uses to get the upper hand over Standish. The fight between Payton and Standish makes it hard to say what will happen to Payton’s political career.

In the third season, Payton will try even harder to become President of the United States of America, which is his dream. He has changed as a person and stopped fighting dirty because it goes against his morals and ethics. Will he be capable of sustaining this new attitude for a long time? It’s going to be interesting to see how Payton and his team come up with a plan to win the final race.

The Politician Season 3 Release Date

The Politician has two seasons with a total of 15 episodes. The last time they were shown was on Netflix. On September 27, 2019, all eight episodes of the first season came out. On June 19, 2020, all seven episodes of the second season came out. Since the show hasn’t been picked up yet, there isn’t an official date for the third season. But if Netflix gives the third episode the go-ahead, it won’t come out until sometime in 2023.

Where can I The Politician Season?

The first and second seasons of The Politician can be watched on Netflix.

The Politician Season 2 Review

Season 1 was mostly about Payton’s life in high school, and the next stage didn’t start until the last two episodes. Season 2 follows his already-announced plan to win the New York State Senate seat currently held by Dede Standish (Judith Light). Both campaigns try to hurt each other by keeping secrets and telling lies. The most important thing to worry about is how the public will react to Dede’s relationship with Marcus (Joe Morton) and William (Teddy Sears), even though Payton is also involved.

Some of the main characters from Season 1 still play a big part, while others are much less important. Aside from Bette Midler’s role as Dede’s campaign manager, the most exciting thing about this season might be Zoey Deutch’s return as Infinity, whose life has changed a lot since she was in high school. One of the most interesting things about Ryan Murphy as a producer is that even though his shows have some things in common and he usually works with the same people, none of them are exactly the same.

Because of this, it’s possible that the most confusing thing about The Politician is how it tries to draw from all the different kinds of Ryan Murphy shows. This also makes it arguably the most “Ryan Murphy” show to ever star Ryan Murphy. It’s deeply interested in the psychology of what it implies to be a politician in modern America and has a lot of diverse casting, but it’s also prone to things like a long scene where Bette Midler is desperate to get her hands on some “spicy lube.

Season 2 ends with Payton on the verge of making his next big career move, yet he still feels like a hollow character, more of a construct than a real person. This is the ideal time to seek out the thoughts of a politician—not to demonize him, but to acknowledge him and even see hope in him. Maybe Season 3 will do that, but who understands what kind of world we’ll be living in?

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