The new trailer for Resident Evil 3 Remake reveals the second form of Nemesis

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New trailer for Resident Evil 3 Remake with a week to go before the Capcom game launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And best of all, this new trailer stars Jill Valentine.

This is a very spectacular video that summarizes a little everything that poor Jill will have to go through in her journey in order to escape not only Nemesis, but also Raccoon City. In addition, speaking of Nemesis, it also has a stellar moment, in which it is shown after one of its "mutations". You can see everything below.

Furthermore, unlike previous trailers, the latter opens with a brief mention of Resident Evil Resistance. The reason is not only to remember that this independent multiplayer will be included with the game itself, but also that Jill will be a playable character that will come later through an update. And speaking of Resistance, remember that the open beta is already available.

As for the content that does refer to the remake, the video shows us Jill's odyssey, but also her relationship with Carlos Oliveria, which will be clearly expanded in this version. In that way, we can see how the two fight to rescue the survivors and save Raccoon City.

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Anyway, the best thing about the preview is the fact that we can see some of the new locations that will be present in this remake. For example, the city hospital, where Jill will make great discoveries about Umbrella.

Finally, the video is also a good example of how this reimagining will focus on offering the player much more complex puzzles or, to say the least, realistic and consistent with current times. What about you? What do you think of Nemesis' final performance?

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