The New Mutants: all the latest news on release date and new surprise trailer

The vicissitudes for the unfortunate continue spin-off about Marvel mutants, which could suffer further slowdowns in Europe. The cause would seem to be only one and we can enclose it in a single word: Tenet. So let's take stock of the situation on upcoming releases Warner Bros. and 20th Century Studios.

Overseas the release of The New Mutants is still set for August 28, as evidenced by the new trailer that you will find at the bottom, but in the last few hours it has been announced that the film, whose arrival in the UK was scheduled for September 4, will meet a postponement indefinitely.

The new film by Christopher Nolan will be released in UK theaters on August 26, probably too close a date to make room for The New Mutants and this would appear to be the main cause of the postponement. However, it remains to be understood that the postponement across the Channel will generate a cascading effect also on other European countries and whether or not Italy will join the (non) distribution policy.

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The news of yet another postponement of The New Mutants has already been in the air for a few days and is perhaps also to keep alive the interest of fans who are flocking trailers of The New Mutants almost every day.


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