The Nest Season 2 Expected Release Date: Will It Ever Happen?

Andy De Emmony’s ‘The Nest’ follows the narrative of Emily and Dan Docherty, a wealthy Scottish couple, as they attempt to start a family but encounter many obstacles along the way. Their problem seems to be solved when 18-year-old Kaya offers to be their surrogate. Speculation of a second season has been fueled by the critical acclaim the show has received for its exploration of complex and dark subjects. Find out if there is actually any validity to these rumors by reading on!

The Nest Season 2 Renewal Status

There has been no official word on whether or not series two of The Nest will air on BBC One. The Nest’s writer, Nicole Taylor (Three Girls), has said that the show is “the story I’ve wanted to tell all my life,” and that sentiment is reflected in the satisfying conclusion of the fifth episode.

She added during a Q&A on the BBC Writersroom, “I said to someone recently that I never understood why writers write second series where there’s a first series that concludes satisfactorily, but now I do because I miss the characters so much.” For them, I could keep writing forever. and the world for all of the time. Because I had a great time researching and writing it. There’s more to the story, for sure, but viewers seem satisfied for the time being. This indicates that there may be no more installments in the series, while its success makes a continuation feasible.

The Nest Season 2 Release Date

On March 22, 2020, the first season of “The Nest” premiered on BBC One, and on April 13, 2020, the series finale aired. Acorn TV eventually began streaming it on July 13, 2020.

The creators have not yet confirmed whether or not there will be a second season, despite the show’s widespread acclaim for its debut. Nicole Taylor, who won a BAFTA for writing ‘Wild Rose’ in 2018, says that ‘The Nest’ is the story she’s been waiting to tell. She said in a BBC Writersroom Q&A, “There’s definitely more story there, but the audience is pleased, and I think people are satisfied.”

It appears that she is saying goodbye to some of her most treasured works with regret. It’s impossible to predict what lies ahead. She may return to these people again someday. Season 2 of ‘The Nest’ might premiere in 2023, should the show’s creators and stars decide to return for another go.

The Nest Season 1 Ending

Although Dan and Emily’s baby wasn’t biologically theirs (and wasn’t Kaya’s baby; there was a mix-up with embryos at the clinic), they chose to keep it, subsequently with Kaya’s blessing after she faced her demons about her own mother. Writer Nicole Taylor revealed that the show’s creators had considered a bleaker ending option at the beginning of the creative process.

“At one point, nobody could have the baby,” she added. However, we realized that this would be a disappointing conclusion for the viewers. Considering we just went into lockdown when it suddenly went out, it’s very best that wasn’t the conclusion! How disappointing!

The Nest Cast and characters

  • Sophie Rundle as Emily Docherty
  • Martin Compston as Dan Docherty
  • Mirren Mack as Kaya
  • James Harkness as James
  • Fiona Bell as Hilary
  • Liz Ewing as Janis
  • Shirley Henderson as Siobhan
  • David Hayman as Souter
  • Bailey Patrick as Callum
  • Katie Leung as Eleanor

The Nest Season 1 Review

The Nest is a five-part surrogacy thriller written by BAFTA winner Nicole Taylor (Three Girls) and starring Martin Compston (Line of Duty) and Sophie Rundle (Gentleman Jack) as a wealthy couple living in Glasgow who seem to have all that they could want except a child.

After years of attempting to conceive naturally, Dan and his music teacher wife Emily (Rundle) decide to use a surrogate for their first child. Dan is getting ready to pick up his young nephews in an early scene of the episode so that he can take them to the brand-new sports stadium that he helped pay for. Emily’s reminder to her boyfriend about the boys’ rugby practice sounds almost like a conversation between parents.

Considering that we’re seeing a desperate couple fall into what looks like a trap they set for themselves, it’s possible that some of the show’s narratives and future disclosures are meant to be clear from the get-go.

Furthermore, the acting is fine, and the settings are stunning and desirable, especially the couple’s stunning mansion on the Rosneath peninsula, which features enormous glass walls overlooking the lake. Those who are now isolated can only dream of working from home in a setting as beautiful as Emily’s, where she also goes wild swimming in the mornings. In case you were thinking, the choral song which plays at the beginning and end of Episode 1 is called “Ae Fond Kiss,” and it’s based on a poem by Scottish author Robert Burns of the same name. It foretells “dark despair” for two lovers.

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