‘The Neighbor’ comes to an end: Netflix reveals the premiere date and the first images of season 2 of the series

During the presentation of news this afternoon, Netflix has unveiled in society the first images of season 2 of ‘El Vecino’, the nice adaptation of the homonymous comic by Santiago García and Pepo Pérez, whose final episodes will arrive on May 21.

Yes, final episodes because the platform has confirmed that this season 2 will be the last for the adventures of Titan and company. A new batch that has the stellar signing of Fran Perea as an alternative version of himself who will be hired to pretend that he is the superhero.

Fran Perea, star signing

Elvecino T2 Cap4 22julio Mariaheras Stills 37 Of 68 1

All this in acontext of the candidacy for the Madrid Olympic Games, with the mayor played by Grace Olayo determined to get them. They are not the only additions to the cast, since Javier Botet He will arrive in Madrid as a mysterious official in search of The Guardian.

Elvecino T2 Cap 8 15 07 20 Mariaheras Stills 59 1

These will join the consolidated cast led by Quim Gutiérrez as Javier, Clara Lake like Lola, Adrian Pino like JR and Catalina Sopelana like Julia.

Elvecino T2 Cap2 29julio Mariaheras Bts 168 Of 180

Raúl Navarro, Miguel Esteban and Marc Crehuet are in charge of the series script with Josep Gatell and Teresa de Rosendo joining as showrunners.

Elvecino T2 17 07 20 Mariaheras Cap 7 Stills 16 Of 18

This final season was shot last summer under the direction of Ernesto Sevilla, Raúl Navarro, Víctor García León and Mar Olid, with Eneko Gutiérrez as executive producer.

Elvecino T2 Cap4 22julio Mariaheras Stills 20 Of 68

Elvecino T2 Cap4 14julio Mariaheras Stills 20 Of 91

Elvecino T2 Cap4 22julio Mariaheras Stills 44 Of 68

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