the most famous roles of the star of Cursed and Vikings

Waiting to understand how Vikings will continue, let's get to know one of the key actors of the series: Gustaf Skarsgard, interpreter of Floki and other characters who have managed to win over fans.

The actor has landed in the television world in the 90s, especially in Swedish historical series. The experience served him to assert himself in three recent thick productions: the first is obviously Vikings, in which he plays Floki, skilled ship builder and Ragnar's best friend. The second one is Westworld, great success of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Here he plays Karl Strand, one of the main antagonists of the second season, a head of the military group of Delos who deals with quelling the revolt inside the theme park: his destiny is not the best, since it goes to collide with the ruthless Dolores and Bernard. Most recently Sgarsgard got the role of Merlin in the Netflix series Cursed and has therefore had the opportunity to reinterpret the character in his own way, given that here he is painted as a legendary figure linked to the magical people of the Fey and the protagonist Nimue.

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Skarsgard also boasts a full-bodied resume with regards to the film industry, and has appeared in many Swedish projects like Arn – The King Templar, Trust Me is Patrick Age 1.5, then move on to international films such as The Way Back, survival film with Ed Harris and Colin Farrell, e Autumn Blood. He also starred in Kon-Tiki, based on the tragic expedition of 1947 and produced in a very particular way: each scene was shot in both English and Norwegian, so as to have two versions of the film depending on the audience.

Surely we will find the actor in many other interesting projects, and given his performance in Cursed, even a spinoff on Merlin could arrive.


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