The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Season 2 of Midnight Gospel is Pendleton Ward, creator of Voyage Time, taking animation fans on the strangest journey yet. As their worlds collapse around him, Clancy, a teenage spacecaster, conducts interviews with aliens from other dimensions in Netflix’s intriguing offering. This makes it no more than an average cartoon.

The calm of the dialogue stands in stark contrast to the sensory overload of the images. The comedian Duncan Trussell’s actual podcast serves as the basis for these conversations, which explore spirituality and the meaning of life in a unique and endearing way. Fans are wondering if The Midnight Gospel will be renewed for a second season because of the show’s fresh perspective and dramatic cliffhanger.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Renewal Status

The Midnight Gospel has been canceled by Netflix. Netflix will stop airing the series in 2022. Despite widespread praise, The Midnight Gospel failed to break into the top 10. The show was canceled because Netflix did not think it will be watched frequently enough. While it was a hit in countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, it didn’t even crack the top 10 in America.

Why was The Midnight Gospel Season 2 canceled?

Duncan Trussell, Midnight Gospel’s showrunner, explains the show’s cancellation. The Midnight Gospel, an adult animated comedy Trussell co-created with Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward, debuted on Netflix in April of 2020.

Now, Trussell has spoken with Inverse to discuss the cancellation of The Midnight Gospel season 2. The showrunner cites financial considerations as the driving factor. Netflix wanted a series that could create a large fanbase, and while The Midnight Gospel had some success with that, it wasn’t enough to support a second season.

Netflix doesn’t follow the pilot model, which is a major reason why so many shows, like The Midnight Gospel, get canceled after the first season. Instead, Netflix uses member interest and viewing data to determine the fate of new series after their initial run.

The Midnight Gospel Storyline

Clancy Gilroy is a space caster who lives on the Chromatic Ribbon, a tape-like planet in the middle of a colorful void where simulation farmers use supercomputers to simulate alternate universes from which they harvest resources and advanced technology in The Midnight Gospel. Each episode centers on Clancy’s exploration of a different planet within the simulator, and the inhabitants of these planets serve as his space cast’s guests.

The audio for these interviews was taken from episodes of Trussell’s podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, so you know it’s the real deal. Each episode culminates with an end-of-the-world scenario from which Clancy narrowly escapes.

The Midnight Gospel Cast

  • Duncan Trussell as Clancy Gilroy
  • Phil Hendrie as Universe Simulator and various characters
  • Stephen Root as Bill Taft and various characters
  • Maria Bamford as Butt Demon and various characters
  • Doug Lussenhop as Daniel Hoops and various characters
  • Joey “Coco” Diaz as Chuck Charles, Steve and various characters
  • Christina P. as Bobua and various characters
  • Steve Little as Captain Bryce and various characters
  • Johnny Pemberton as Cornelius and various characters
  • Drew Pinsky as Little President
  • Natasha Leggero as Peggy
  • Anne Lamott as Anne Deer Dog
  • Raghu Markus as Raghu Deer Dog
  • Damien Echols as Darryl the Fish
  • Trudy Goodman as Trudy the Love Barbarian
  • Pauly Shore as Prince Jam Roll
  • Jason Louv as Jason
  • Eddie Pepitone as Bob
  • Johanna Warren as Bob
  • David Nichtern as His Divine Grace, God’s Scientist
  • Dante Pereira-Olson as Shanerreyus
  • Will Oldham as Bubble Max
  • Caitlin Doughty as Death
  • Deneen Fendig as herself aka Mrs. Gilroy
  • Ram Dass as Ram Dass

The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Plot

Season 2 of Midnight Gospel will focus more heavily on themes like birth, death, rebirth, and transfiguration. Those who try it think it will take them on a psychedelic adventure through the cosmos.

The protagonist of The Midnight Gospel is Clancy Gilroy, a spacecaster who resides on the Chromatic Ribbon, a membranous, tape-like planet located in the center of a colorful void where simulation farmers harvest resources of nature and new technology from various universes simulated by powerful bio-organic computers.

In every single episode of The Midnight Gospel, we see Clancy making his way around the simulator and conducting interviews with the creatures who live in the virtual worlds. At the conclusion of each episode, law enforcement eventually catches Clancy for his illegal activities. However, Clancy was able to get away by boarding a huge bus.

Duncan Trussell is an optimist who believes in a bright future. Tell Deadline, “Give us a second season if you have any magical talents or, even better, a Netflix connection!” he pleaded with them the year before. Please, there are countless further stories about The Chromatic Ribbon that deserve to be told.

Where to watch The Midnight Gospel Season 2?

Once the show is published, you’ll be able to stream it on Netflix.

The Midnight Gospel Age Rating

According to its TV-MA rating, The Midnight Gospel is intended for an adult audience and may not be appropriate for anyone under the age of 17. The following may be present in this program: strong language, sexual content, or graphic violence.

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