The latest technologies of modern cars

The modern automotive industry does not stand still and constantly offers consumers the latest technologies. This is not only a more comfortable design and better spare parts, but also all kinds of systems that allow you to plan a route and facilitate the driving process. For example, you can rent a lamborghini in dubai and experience the benefits of such technologies yourself. Car rentals offer a wide range of vehicles as well as drivers with many years of experience. You are guaranteed to receive a high level of rental service, as well as be able to rent a car at a reasonable price.

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“Smart” headlights

Bad weather is a kind of danger when driving a car, as road accidents often occur, leading to sad consequences. Therefore, in order to avoid accidents, the researchers decided to develop so-called “smart” headlights that take into account the speed and angles of turns, are capable of changing the intensity and direction of the luminous flux, as well as tracking passing and oncoming vehicles.

Augmented Reality Glasses

In the near future, developers will create Google Glass glasses, the function of which will include displaying all kinds of information about the car:

  • determining the position of the car on the map;
  • opening and closing the hatch;
  • climate control in the cabin;
  • locking and unlocking doors;
  • enabling and disabling the alarm;
  • battery charge monitoring and much more.

The Volkswagen automobile company has already developed the Marta interface, which will help motorists repair the car on their own and will prompt the location of the necessary tools or spare parts.

Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

Autonomous vehicles, or as they say cars with autonomous control, strive to minimize the need for human drivers and make public transport safer, for example. For example, due to fatigue, inattention or not a quick reaction of the driver, accidents occur. In order to avoid many accidents, specialists are developing such cars in which computer vision with improved artificial intelligence is built in to identify obstacles on the route.

External view cameras

To date, every car should have a camera installed, preferably several. This will allow you to watch the car from above on the central screen, also makes parking the car much easier, and maneuvering in hard-to-reach places will be safer and more convenient.

Driver fatigue monitoring systems

Such systems are designed to track the physical capabilities of the driver to drive the car.  If necessary, the systems give signals to stop the movement. It does not require the direct participation of the driver, or his minimal intervention is sufficient.

The driver is checked according to the following factors:

  • fixing the driver’s gaze;
  • vehicle movement control;
  • assessment of the driver’s behavior.

Airless tires

For driving safety, motorists constantly need to check the tire pressure of their cars, which must comply with certain standards. If the indicators are insufficient, then this can lead to an accident. In addition, fuel consumption increases automatically.

Therefore, the developers came up with the idea of airless tires. That is, instead of air in the tires, there will be a microgrid made of rigid rubber, which has the ability to maintain its original shape even under extreme load. These kinds of tires are also considered more environmentally friendly.

Automatic parking

This is one of the popular technologies for novice drivers, especially for those who live in large cities. The system allows you to determine whether a car can fit into a parking space, calculates the speed of movement and the optimal angle of rotation of the wheels. However, if you are an experienced parking attendant, and you do not need such a system, you can always disable it.

Contactless trunk opening

Are your hands busy and there is no way to open the trunk? Then the function of contactless opening of the trunk is the best salvation. A special sensor is installed under the bumper and all you need is to wave your foot under the bumper of the car. Such a system is protected from false positives, for example, if the cat passed under the car. Since two sensors are installed in the bumper at different heights, and they should work simultaneously.

In addition to these technologies, other developments are underway that will allow you to drive a car safely and easily. The 21st century is the century of technology. Isn’t that a reason to be a happy person?

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