Apple already sells more computers with M1 chip than with Intel chip: first major transition milestone

We’ve already covered all the news that Apple unveiled at yesterday’s event, which turned out to be much more comprehensive than some rumor sources said. But as we scrutinize the video of the event and review details, data is emerging that deserves to be highlighted.

This is the case of what they have noted from MacRumors: Apple already sells more Mac units with M1 chip than units with Intel chip. The two-year transition started just six months ago, and when it comes to sales Intel is already in the minority.

On to the difficult part of the transition: convincing the professionals

We can deduce some things from this fact. The first thing, that the rumors about a rise in sales of the Mac seem true (we will see that income in the press conference of quarterly results). Second thing: how the first Macs to adopt Apple Silicon have been the cheapest and most popular, the sales pace must have been good from the start.

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What Macs are left to launch? Well the semi-professionals (higher-end MacBook Pros, including 16-inch ones; and larger iMac with better specs) and purely professional (the Mac Pro). There, placing the chp M1 will no longer be worth it, it will be necessary to grow the Apple Silicon family so that these professionals see a great performance benefit compared to machines with Intel.

The easy part of the transition is basically over, and in six months it is paying off. Now with that done touches the hardest part.

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