The Last of Us Part 2: how to build a silencer

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Sneak in The Last of Us Part 2 it can be very important, especially if you are playing on the highest difficulty levels. to prevent the enemies from hearing us, get hold of asilenced weapon it can make a difference, so we'll explain how to unlock and build this accessory.

First you need to acquire the manual dedicated to the tree of stealth skills, which is located inside the hotel Serevena. It is practically impossible to miss this manual, which is located on a piece of furniture in one of the bedrooms you will have to go through in order to advance in history. After reading the manual, you will be given the opportunity to unlock new skills, including one dedicated to the silencer and another to its enhancement. If you have acquired the skill correctly, from now on you can build with crafting materials silencer, which allows you to shoot only a few shots before breaking. The interface shows the number of bullets that a silencer can fire and if you want to increase this number you just have to further strengthen Ellie with the skills of the stealth branch.

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