The Last Of Us 2 on Amazon: today the first deliveries, some have already received it

As you know, we are closely monitoring the situation related to the shipment of The Last Of Us 2 from Amazon, this is because some customers have received a message that warned them of the postponed delivery date to 23 June. In reality shipments have already left and some already have their own copies of the game at home.

Among these also our Gabriele Laurino who just this morning received The Last Of Us Part 2 Steelbook Edition, as you can see from the images he published himself on his Facebook profile. The writer has not yet received the order but actually the delivery is scheduled for today, and therefore there shouldn't be much left. Those who have booked TLOU 2 on Amazon can therefore hope to receive it between today and tomorrow, remember that in some municipalities Amazon also delivers on Saturday morning.

The question remains of the orders in fulfillment with delivery scheduled for June 23, at the moment it is not clear whether the date in question is provisional or if actually given the high number of pre-orders some players will receive the game only at the beginning of next week. In any case, we remind you that you are still in time to book The Last Of Us 2 on at a discounted price with exclusive Steelbook case as a gift.

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