The Keepers Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Not?

People seem to be getting more and more immersed in documentaries as a form of entertainment. This style of program mimics the structure of a documentary film but airs as a single long episode. Netflix has a history of producing documentaries like this, which have found success after their initial releases because of their exploration of previously untold topics.

While Wild Country is undeniably fascinating, it isn’t the only compelling documentary series available on Netflix. Today, we’ll discuss one such project, The Keepers, a seven-part mystery documentary web series that delves into a mystery that has fascinated many people ever since it went unsolved in 1969. The drama centers on the true story of a nun named Cathrine Casnik who went missing and was later found murdered; local officials are shown to have covered up the crime in order to protect a priest who is suspected of being involved. With a 97% approval rating across the board at Rotten Tomatoes, this show is highly recommended.

The Keepers Season 2 Renewal Status

Director Ryan White indicated in an interview that he has no intentions to film a second season despite the recent resurgence of interest in the probe.

“I have no plans to continue documenting it,” he said to E! News. Despite the fact that “this was a painful process for a lot of the people involved,” and “it is draining for them to have to retell the most horrific parts of their lives,” I am eager to see the results.

He elaborated, saying, “Prior to the premiere of The Keepers, police finally tested Father Joseph Maskell’s DNA to see if it matched a sample from the crime scene where Sister Cathy’s body was found, almost 50 years ago. He died in 2001.” The police just disclosed five days ago that his DNA did not fit the case.

Whenever the show returns, it will be to carry on Sister Cathy’s story. Perhaps I would keep covering it, he argues, since “incredible movement” could result from uncovering this truth. However, I am pleased with the seven episodes we did produce and the potential influence they have. If that’s the end of it, then I’m content.

The Keepers Season 2 Release Date

On May 19, 2017, Netflix unveiled the series to the public. The entire season dropped all seven episodes simultaneously. The creators claimed the plot ended after the first season, but the series’ positive reception from audiences and critics for its authenticity and lack of editorial bias suggests they may return to the genre in the future.

The Keepers Cast

  • Gemma Hoskins – former student and investigator
  • Abbie Fitzgerald Schaub – former student and investigator
  • Joseph Maskell – former priest and counselor
  • Jean Hargadon Wehner (a.k.a. Jane Doe) – former student
  • Teresa Lancaster (a.k.a. Jane Roe) – former student
  • Randy Lancaster – Teresa Lancaster’s husband
  • Donna Von Den Bosch – former student
  • Juliana Farrell – former student
  • Deb Silcox – former student
  • Lil Hughes – former student
  • Chris Centofanti – former student
  • Mary Spence – former student
  • Marilyn Cesnik Radakovic – Sister Catherine’s sister
  • Gerry Koob – former priest and Sister Catherine’s former boyfriend
  • Tom Nugent – journalist and writer for the Baltimore City Paper
  • Bob Erlandson – journalist
  • Beverly Wallace – attorney for former students
  • Alan Horn – investigator
  • John Barnold – former captain, Baltimore City Police Department
  • James Scannell – former captain, Baltimore County Police Department
  • Brian Schwaab – former detective, Baltimore City Police Department
  • Gary Childs – detective, Baltimore County Police
  • Sharon A. H. May – former State’s Attorney for Baltimore City
  • Edgar Davidson – possible suspect in the murder of sister Catherine
  • Deborah Yohn – Davidson’s niece, who suspects her uncle’s involvement in the murders based on anecdotes from her aunt
  • Sharon Schmidt – daughter of Ronnie Schmidt and niece of Billy Schmidt
  • Barbara Schmidt – mother of Sharon Schmidt, former wife of Ronnie Schmidt and sister-in-law to Billy Schmidt
  • C. T. Wilson – Maryland state delegate
  • Charles Franz – former student at St. Clement’s Church
  • Werner Spitz, MD – forensic pathologist

The Keepers Plot

True events from 1969 and the years that followed serve as the basis for this fictional account. Cathrine Casnik, a nun and English and theater teacher at Baltimore’s all-girls Archbishop Keough High School, went missing and was found dead. It is thought that she uncovered evidence that the high school’s priest and possibly some of his colleagues were engaging in sexual misconduct with some of the boarding school’s female students.

In the final episode of the season, we learn that the church and its members were aware of Father Maskell’s abuses but decided to look the other way and that Nun Cathrine Casnik was never vindicated for the good cause she championed. There was never a fair trial held, and the accused were never held accountable for their actions; instead, they enjoyed a life of ease until their untimely deaths.

The Keepers Rating

Upon its initial release, The Keepers was highly praised by critics. The series has received an 8.47/10 average rating across 30 reviews on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, indicating a 97% acceptance rate.

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