The JoJo event was illegally broadcast, it’s a clash between the staff and the community

The event JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – JOESTAR the Inherited Soul that is taking place in these minutes has led to a heated clash between the staff and the community. Some users are allegedly broadcasting the streaming event illegally, causing the fury of the organizers and those who paid to participate.

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – JOESTAR the Inherited Soul event has recently started live streaming, which should give to the community an important announcement, the animated adaptation of JoJo Stone Ocean.

Access to the event, limited to a few selected countries, costs around $ 40, but as usual, the web is a land of cunning. Some users would indeed stand illegally recording the event streaming and would be retransmitting it for free.

“Please don’t record (audio or video) or take screenshots of the event !!!! And no illegal streams !!!”, was fiercely communicated on the official Twitter profile @anime_jojo. A warning, however, is proving useless.

There is nothing we can do to stop illegal streams (yes, we are aware of that), we can only tell those who are watching it illegally that they are not respecting creators. Nothing can justify illegal viewing. (We apologize to those who cannot watch it due to territorial limitations) “.

Those who paid to legally watch the live, however, complain of randomly generated subtitles, worse than the automatic ones on YouTube, and having shelled out a large sum of money for an ad that may not even be there. In short, on Twitter there is a storm about the event. Stay tuned to know how it will turn out. Meanwhile, let’s admire this JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure tattoo.

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