The iPhone 12 sweeps: its models exceed 60% of total iPhone sales in the United States

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (or CIRP to go faster) has released one of their reports in which we can see their estimates on how they have gone iPhone sales in the last quarter. The study is done in the United States, but it should serve as a guide to how it has fared in the rest of the world.

Of all the iPhones that have been sold in the United States from January to April, CIRP estimates that 61% belong to the iPhone 12 range. That is, they are an iPhone 12 mini, an iPhone 12, an iPhone 12 Pro or an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Although they are estimates, it means that the sales of these latest models are going from strength to strength.

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If we break down these sales by individual model we see that iPhone 12 Pro Max has an estimated 20% of total sales. It is the best-selling large-screen terminal considering the variety of the range, since a year ago the iPhone 11 Pro Max only had 13% of total sales.

The conventional iPhone 12 accounts for approximately 23% of sales, while the 12 Pro accounts for 15%. And as the rumors have been saying for a while, the iPhone 12 mini remains in last position with just 4% of total sales.

Cirp Sales Iphone 12 2021

Although the iPhone 12 range is the one with the absolute majority of sales, it must be said: the model that alone is the first in sales is the iPhone 11 with a share of 24%. It is a modern, inexpensive terminal with a power that still guarantees a good useful life. Oh, and let’s not forget the iPhone SE, which holds up with about 7% of total sales. It is still the most economical option. For the most curious, the iPhone XR “survives” with an approximate 8% of sales.

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Remember that these are CIRP estimates based on their own calculations, and not official Apple sales figures. The company only discloses the revenue of the iPhone division globally in each of the quarterly rounds of fiscal results.

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